Monday, March 19, 2012

Wind, Wind Go Away, Come Again Another Day
It is still blowing out of the west, even though I wouldn’t call it a storm anymore. Fortunately the last night was quiet, good being able to catch some sleep again.
Starting with a pretty much overcast sky and ice on the car’s windshield this morning  the sun broke out later making the temps rise a bit.
After having coffee with the PEI-Bunch, I went to Ajo with my laundry. Can’t leave all this to a returning Bea, can’t I? But I had to study the washer instructions thoroughly, and I have to admit I started to insert my quarters into the wrong slot!! Just wondered why they wouldn’t “click” down into the machine. THEN I saw the arrow above pointing to the upper slot. With my car keys I fiddled long enough to get the wrongly inserted coins back out. Call me stupid or what you want, but now I know how to handle these machines. Sitting in the car for 30 minutes reading that Clancy novel (I’m not impressed so far) the washer finished up with a million RPM to squeeze the water out of the laundry.
I saved the money for the dryer by running a cloth line from the rear of the Motor Home to the roof rails of the Jeep. Worked just fine! And with the fresh breeze and a bit of sunshine everything dried within the hour.
This is just the remainder fluttering in the wind
Now all I had left was folding everything up and stow it away where it belongs. Bea’s gonna be proud as heck of her hubby. 
Did you say something?
I hope not. See I’m not doin’ this all the time. I’m inexperienced in such matters. But somehow I feel good today.
And there wasn’t anything more happening today. Tomorrow I hope for some sunshine so the PEI-Bunch and I can finally do the Ajo Mountain roundtrip we been hoping for.

So long friends!


  1. Even though our weather is still much cooler than normal, at least the stormy part has moved on. I'm glad sunshine has returned to you and to us too. Take care and enjoy!

  2. You are too funny. But just so you know even us experienced laundry women sometimes put the money in the wrong slot especially for the dryer. That's experience speaking on my part. LOL

  3. you are a hoot...good Job Peter!!!! Glad you got the sun back..

  4. good for you for improvising on the clothesline!..nothing like drying clothes using Mother Nature! the smell of sheets and pillowcases dried in the sun!!

  5. I am with Inge and reading about your laundry experience. Well, the best thing would be that we switch tasks more often. You do the laundry and I go shopping.:)) But I am glad that you are doing well. See you soon, that's WEDNESDAY evening at the airport. And bring your cell so that we can find each other........Nag, nag, nag! Hugs!


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