Friday, March 30, 2012

 When We are Tired and Cold

Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, names like pearls on a string. We made them all in one day. Mind you Connecticut isn’t all that big.

DSC_0060-miAfter a long day of driving with lots of traffic and the mercury in the thermometer heading towards the bottom, we were both tired and cold. It didn’t help that the area around Massachusetts is almost chemically free of rest areas. And with the density of population in the Boston area there are only faint chances to find a suitable Walmart. And on a Friday afternoon the parking lots would be teeming with cars and people. So we were going on.

  DSC_0063-mi DSC_0084-miDSC_0080-mi DSC_0083-mi DSC_0086-mi 

Miles north of Boston the traffic finally became lighter, and then we were in New Hampshire. A sign popped up: New Hampshire WELCOME CENTER. Bea was her usual skepticism and anticipated a “NO OVERNIGHT CAMPING” sign, but there was none and the parking area for trucks is really huge. There is even a wide area with gravel where we parked the rig. But you know the best of it all? It is prohibited to let the engines idle. So no disturbing nightly noise. All slides out and turn on the heat!  Besides of being tired and cold we were also hungry and Bea did some of her magic and had a wonderful supper ready in no time.

671km (417miles) was what we drove today and we have 500km (310miles) left for tomorrow. Piece of Cake!

Even if the colder weather approaching will contain a few snow showers for tomorrow, we will manage and get home.

A long journey will finally be over. But the 5 months we’ve been away does not seem to be that long. In fact the winter was over before we knew it.

See-ya tomorrow from home!


  1. I wish I could send you some of our heat. I feel bad that you have to turn the heat on in the RV. And what a terribly long day through horrible traffic. But tomorrow night, peace and quiet at home. Be safe.

  2. I have to agree that West Coast traffic is nothing compared to East Coast traffic. Been there, done that and certainly don't envy you. Enjoy your summer and before you know it, it'll be time to head back south again.

  3. I think all Rest Stops/Welcome Centres should prohibit those engines idling !!

    But 471 Miles in one day !! I'm exhausted after about 150 miles. You guys sure tore across the Country quick.

  4. have a safe last leg of your trip home!!..sleep well!

  5. Your bed will feel sooooooo good tomorrow night. It is very wet here in Portland, Or but not too cold.

  6. You are packing on the miles, but soon be there , travel safely.


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