Monday, March 5, 2012

Good Old Quartzsite
After sleeping deep and long (we went to bed at 9pm AZ-time) we got ourselves over to CJ's RV-repair in Yuma an hour earlier than our appointment.
After explaining yet again about the awning and that one arm was out of timing, a guy tried to tell us that nothing could be done to fix it as the straps came with a certain length and that was that.  
However, I had read about the full adjustment procedure on the Internet and explained HIM what and how to do it. When also suggested he could call Carefree of Colorado He all-of a sudden told me that he knew what i was talking about. 


Well, we pulled off the street and parked the rig. Pretty soon two guys started the work. and it took them less than half an hour to fix it. 

Next stop was drinking water then propane and Diesel at Superfuels. While the propane is still cheap the fuel was not. 

But you know that already.

Without these there would hardly be vegetables on American tables.
So after topping it all off, we hit the road, that is Hwy95 out of town to Quartzsite. It was now 11am and at 12noon we reached the Border Patrol Checkpoint on 95. We pulled off the road right behind the station and had lunch. 
Bea discovered 2 flying objects 
It was now very hot outside but still cool in the coach. 

Coming to Quartzsite at almost 2pm we dumped the water we had filled into the blackwater tank yesterday. There are still a lot of rigs at Quartzsite, but we could pull right into the dump station.

We spent the afternoon in the shade and didn't move much. 

Tomorrow we want to start early as it is supposed to start blowing across the Arizona desert later that day. And we certainly don't like being in a desert storm.

And that's it for today again. 

Thanks for your interest!


  1. So sad that you had to tell the shop how to fix the awning and then you had to pay them for it. Love the picture of Molly. You're looking good, too, but Molly is just beautiful.

  2. I love the picture of you and Molly too. That's what we all should be doing ... sitting outside and relaxing. So, you're back at Quartzsite? Safe travels on the next leg of your journey.

  3. nice shot of you and your pooch!.was going to ask what her name was but I see it's Molly!.she is a fine looking four legged friend!!

  4. You and Molly look so relaxed back in good old Q.


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