Sunday, March 18, 2012

Update on the Storm

After having my little nightly interruption, the storm seemed to slow a bit, so I went back to bed. And i must’ve fallen asleep for 2 hours, cause when I woke up at 6am it was quiet outside. For how long? I checked the weather forecast and it predicted more wind over the day AND the following night.  But who am I to complain about such trivialities? Kelly from the Bayfield Bunch had send an email this morning saying that they had had snow at Congress,AZ!

After daylight had come I walked around the rig. Our round plastic table had taken to start rolling across the area and was now lying with 3 legs in the air and the 4th leg beside upside-down in the wet dirt. I brought it back to the rig. Other than that I couldn’t see any damage. Good thing I had drawn in the two slides over night. They were out again now and I decided to make breakfast. Afterwards I would call my Dad’s place and talk to the family, which would be gathered around the coffee table. It had been 18 months since Bea last had been up there and it seemed everybody wanted to meet her. Visitors had to be scheduled to the two different days of her stay. Otherwise everybody would have arrived at the same time.

DSC_0001As of now it is still unclear what I’m gonna do with this day. Understandably,  I’m a bit tired, but who knows. We have partial sunshine now and maybe a trip down the road in the afternoon is coming up.


  1. wow no wonder your tired...we also 'hate' the wind..I think I'd rather have any other kind of weather but wind is the killer for us...glad it calmed down for you...have a super sunday and grab a nap :)

  2. Horrible night here also. The girls weren't happy with all the wind and rain and we were up several times during the night with them. The thunder today just about did poor Scooter in. So we are tired tonight. Hope you had a good visit with your family. Your cloud picture is just fantastic.


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