Monday, October 28, 2019

Break Out The Popcorn!

Do you have enough popcorn in your kitchen? If not, go get some, cause you're gonna need it. The day when Trump is impeached is coming faster than you might think. Have a party, invite some friends and family. Hell - sing the anthem and raise the flag. 

Even though Halloween might be over by that time you can BOO him out at midnight, like the public did under the World Series baseball game.  That's right - lock him up! Once he's out of the WH he gets a new wardrobe - a jumpsuit, and it's gonna be paid for by the tax payers. But it'll be so worth it. Keeping him there is gonna be cheaper than having Secret Service watch over him for the rest of his miserable life.
Then you'll want to make sure all those pesky Trump-loyalist senators are voted out. Don't forget Moscow Mitch. Kentucky can have him back. Next you gotta make sure that some key-rules are gonna be changed, cause you don't wanna get a repeat performance a few years down the road. 

Your country has been embarrassed the worst way possible, but a decent leader with a decent administration can make it up to your allies and the whole world. Would be good to choose a woman this time. It'll give you lots of brownie-points. And other countries could learn of it.

My own country just narrowly avoided a mini-Trump to be Prime Minister. I think a lot of Canadians had Trump and his chaotic and divisive policies on their mind when their voting ballot went into the box. And that's what I mean when saying other countries could learn of the American mistake. 

Good luck folks!

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Life Is Good - In CANADA

At various times of my life I have had the distinct feeling that life is good. At this very time I have that blessed feeling that life could not possibly be any better for us.
Take f.e.x the day today. We have gone to vote for a future government in Canada. And was I ever positively surprised when I was handed a simple piece of paper with the names of the candidates printed. No fancy voting machines that would swallow a computer-readable voting ballot. Just a card-board box with a slot on the top to slip the folded paper into. This is all proven old-fashioned voting procedure. Not possible to manipulate by foreign powers. The ladies guarding the place all know my name. Didn't even want to see my ID. 
Yes, life is good in Canada.

Also, our house is warm. We are prepared for a Canadian Winter. And next spring we will see new grass and fresh flowers bloom. 
We are all healthy and enjoy every-day walks with Dixie along a lonely beach or a shielded forest trail.

On a day like this I block out what happens in the world. I know the Kurds are now getting slaughtered by Turkish military, because the American moron made the wrong decision. I know that poor immigrants are fighting for finding a better life in many places around the globe. 

But I can block out those thoughts for a day or two. I listen to my favorite music, enjoy the company of my wife and my dog.

Yes, life is good!