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Traveling day #3 started out with FOG. In fact it was so foggy that I was down to 35mph on the Interstate! But then a faint glow appeared – the sun broke through and produced an unbelievable light show. Wow!

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But what was a rather cool beginning turned into a very hot day behind the wheel.

A little bit of wind from the South, that was it.

We left Texas and rolled into Oklahoma. When I think of Oklahoma the song about “The everlasting hills of Oklahoma” comes to mind.

The everlasting hills of Oklahoma They hold a million treasures to be found Golden grain on hills of green Wave to valleys cool and clean Too bad some folks have never seen The everlasting hills of Oklahoma The everlasting hills of Oklahoma Are told of clouded statues in the sky Pioneers who long have gone

It was performed by “The Sons of the Pioneers” and I sure like to listen to it.


Texas Longhorn


No more cattle here!



But of course, we couldn’t stay in Oklahoma. We had to roll on. Oklahoma City was quite a view. Not much of a cattle-town image left there, no Sir! Rather I’d say OIL BOOM TOWN.

We sashayed through there on a Sunday morning, so it wasn’t too bad. Of course there always a few of those I call: Big City Cowboys, who seem to be in constant hurry an take every possible chance in traffic. At least they do annoy me quite a bit.

But then it all came down to a slower pace. Oklahoma is sure beautiful in spring. First when we see all this fresh green, we realize that we would not be able to live in the desert year-round.


ARKANSAS - the natural State


The State deserves this State motto for sure. It is such an experience to see all this stunning landscape. Light green fields wrapped in dark forests, neat farms with white fences, and it seems so clean.

For both of us Arkansas was a first timer today. Finally we can fill in another State in that map way down below here. And talk about beautiful rest areas too. Ours is far away from the noise of the I-40 on a plateau having the most fantastic view for many miles. Tomorrow it’s Little Rock, Memphis,

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TN and beyond.


But when the heat pairs up with a higher humidity it is taking a toll on both of us. Not used to that anymore, no!

So, and with that I must say I’m taking a time-out in the shade of the rig before the sun goes down.


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  1. Holy Crap !! You guys are really moving ! You're just North of me now - but I left a month ago !! LOL

    BTW, Where do you over-night when you're on the road ?

  2. you guys are really moving right along..where you staying in Memphis? We stayed at the agri center...good stop over safe...

  3. Just making good time and enjoying the country side along the way, travel safe.

  4. Sounds like you guys might be having some favorable tail winds behind you. We will be following in your footsteps very shortly heading up through Oklahoma City, St. Louis & Indianapolis probably. Safe travels folks. Hello to Bea....sorry we missed you at Vulture Peak.


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