Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Finally we got a picture perfect day. A deep blue sky brought me outside and immediately I began preparations to spend the day (or most of it) in the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. The PEI-Bunch would join me, they were as eager as myself to get out there.

It was supposed to stay around 65F today, and the sunshine would bring the temps up without making it too hot for us.

Our first goal was the Visitor Center. Everyone should start a day in the park by watching the excellent slide show.




Armed with the basic information we went on the 21mile Ajo Mountain Drive. It is a rough gravel road which requires a slow pace, not only because of the dips and bumps, but mainly because you go there to see something. It is most rewarding to get out of the vehicle and take a few steps into the desert. We found f.ex. flowers we never would have seen, had we stayed in the car or on the road.

DSC_0002-mi Again and again I stopped and jumped out of the car to capture the scenery.

The Organ Pipe Cactus is commonly found in Mexico. The Organ Pipe Cactus Nat’l Monument is the only location in the U.S. where this cactus is found.

DSC_0081-mi DSC_0018-mi DSC_0075-mi DSC_0068-mi
DSC_0083-mi DSC_0026-a-mi
DSC_0020-mi DSC_0067-mi
Ocotillo was blooming throughout the
DSC_0073-miDSC_0043-mi DSC_0049-mi
  This Cactus has a disturbance of growth
DSC_0046-mi DSC_0050-mi

Vista Views like this one are plentiful in the park


DSC_0035-mi DSC_0060-mi
  Some cacti have been fighting hard for survival
DSC_0057-mi DSC_0063-mi
A double arch, with the upper one shortly before collapsing.  
DSC_0058-mi DSC_0064-mi
They survived in the Canyons.  Artifacts of habitation, 9000 years old, have been found in the park.

When we re-emerged from the park we were all very hungry. So we drove down to the border, where there is a restaurant serving simply fantastic burgers.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. glad that the weather is back to the normal, bright blue sky!..looks like you got out and enjoyed the sights in your 'neighborhood'!

  2. Hi Peter ,
    Great place ,great shots and sure brings good memories

  3. There is a nice hiking trail leading around behind that Arch. Yellow desert Poppies should be in bloom there now too. We have done this drive 3 times & I enjoy & see more things each time we drive around the loop. There is a lot of Organ Pipe cactus on Darby Well road just west of Ajo as well.

  4. Great pictures Peter! It looks like all the storms have passed and we are in for some great weather.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous photos!! It definitely is the season for the desert blooms to come out. However, we headed north way too early to enjoy them. There was a special on TV a week or so ago that indicated the Organ Pipe Park was one of the most dangerous in the US because of drug traffic so be careful out there!! We visited it a couple years ago and I agree that it is definitely a beautiful park.

  6. Excellent pictures, thanks for great tour and enjoy you nice weather.


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