Saturday, March 3, 2012

Meatballs and such...
Every year there is this "Say-Good-Bye-Time" to Friends in camp. And we are right at it now. Neighbors are talking about when they will be leaving and which route they will follow this year. And of course everybody is angry about the high fuel prices.
Weather observations become crucial as nobody wants to get caught in a bad storm or on snow and ice. And really, how many of us have missed to be in tornado or a snow storm? Literally all of us have once or several times been forced to give in for those fierce winds blowing through the midwest. 
But there is also talk about how the weather is up home and how much snow there is currently in the driveway. 
Those who are "full-timers" are envied by those who have to go home somewhere up north. But some also concede that they are looking foward to see the green pastures of spring in the north. (once they actually turn green) 

All this is a repeat topic every year.
What is also a topic is that we have a "Good-Bye-supper" with friends. Once upon a time, these friends made the supper for us, without us knowing about it beforehand. 
Now we participate in preparing that supper and it is the 2.time that I have made SWEDISH MEATBALLS. 

Today was preparation day, and after Bea brought home the hamburger meat I got super busy in the kitchen department. The meat was spiced and mixed with chopped carrots, pickled cucumbers, bacon, a tomato and 4 eggs.
Ready to go on the BBQ
About 200 small meatballs needed to be made and browned outside in a pan on the BBQ. Meanwhile Bea made the sauce with beef broth and cream. One pan of browned meatballs after the other ended up in the sauce until everything was done. 

The last action was the kitchen clean-up and finally we could relax with a nice piece of Julian Apple Pie with whipped cream. A nice reward for a busy day!

Tomorrow the meatballs will be enjoyed with mashed potatoes and carrots sauteed in butter. I wonder whether there will  be a dessert for Peter???

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  1. I know many of you (especially Canadians) need to head north but I am going to be worrying about all of you. The weather is so lousy in the midwest and south. Please keep your weather radio on. Those meatballs look wonderful. We just may have to have some of those next year if you can afford to get back out this way.

  2. Most times with meals of such a large size, dessert is the last things our overloaded bellies need.

    Stay Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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