Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nashville, Knoxville and Beyond

Greetings from Virginia!


For some people this journey might seem to go too fast. I would agree to that at most times, but we are on a mission to get home. Yet, we do not exceed a normal daily mileage. We stop every couple of hours for a coffee cup, a snack and let Molly out to “explore” the area, which she is duly interested in. So, today we made it across the Tennessee border and into beautiful Virginia. We are running up the Appalachian Mts. and I catch myself in saying “aahh” and “oh look at that” all the time. What really is a feast for the eyes are the beautiful colors. And mostly it is the purple-colored Judas-Tree, which makes for most of the color along the road.

DSC_0020-mi DSC_0049-mi

Our last overnight spot was a mere 50 miles west of Nashville, the Capital of the State of Tennessee. When we got through the city at around 8:45am, all possible traffic had broken loose. The city is much worse than Memphis. We were just glad that we didn’t have to join all the commuters who were so desperate to get into town. We could branch off to the East and let all the poor buggers sit there and get hot under their skin.


Nashville is called the Music City and everyone who has listened to Country Music knows that Nashville is sort of the capital of that kind of music. The city lies on the Cumberland River and has a humid subtropical climate. We sure noticed that!


One of the main attractions in the city is “The Grand Ole Opry offering a weekly country music stage concert, that has presented the biggest stars of that genre since 1925.


If you look at the above picture you might wonder what sect this guy belongs to. Or is it a woman..?

But hey, we had to move on! And the next city was already lined up: Knoxville!

What else was DSC_0005-micoming? Another time zone, the EDT made us loose another hour. Hey, if I cut all these lost hours back I could travel another 250 miles during that time. But this is not any competition. So what about Knoxville? Well, there is so much to know about the city, that I put the link to Wikipedia her. If you like to read up on it, pls. go ahead.

Shortly east of Knoxville we had to finally leave I-40, which runs farther to the East. Instead, we had to join I-81, which follows a more northerly course.


Tennessee rule: No Overnight                   Virginia cattle having a good time
stay in rest area

And that was all of travel day #5!  High Five! We’ve made it so far without a droplet of rain and no Tornadoes! 

Knock on wood and thanks for visiting!



  1. Love the pictures of the flowers. Spring is here in some places. We just want the snow and ice to go away from the direction we're heading. We certainly understand the need to stop every couple of hours or so. Duchess lets us know when she's had enough without a walk and it's usually about the time we're ready to stretch our legs too. Take care and have a safe journey.

  2. I do miss the flowers of Virginia. When I lived there it was the one thing I really looked forward to but it also brought the heat and humidity which I really didn't like. I am so glad you guys have had great weather for your travel home. And our girls definitely let us know when enough riding is enough.

  3. Sure loved those beautiful flower pics. You guys are really moving along. Enjoy the last few legs of your trip home.

  4. moving right along..but at least you took the time to smell the flowers or at least take some pictures of them!!

  5. I agree, when it's time to go home....it's time to go home. It becomes a mission for us as well.


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