Thursday, April 3, 2014

“Umpteen” Calls To The Phone Company Restored Our Internet

Every fall before we leave for the south, I call our phone company BELL ALIANT to get our phone subscription put on vacation suspension. Every year, I stress that we wish to expect the same bundle with the same calling features AND THE INTERNET  put back in place after our return. And last year it actually worked out. But not the year before and not this year.

When I called yesterday to let them know we are back home they did manage to connect the BASIC phone line but forgot the calling features of the bundle and the internet. Well, they told us to wait 24hrs. for full service. 

Today, waiting time was over and no internet and no calling features were back.
So we called them.

At least 5-6 times.

We went through the entire modem, we changed this and that, hardwired the laptop, unplugged again, changed the network name and the password and finally we were back in business with the internet. Yet, there was still no caller ID, nor was there any voice mail service. When the caller ID was back on track we called again requesting the voice mail setup. The d**** thing did not accept the password and it turned out they had erased my greeting and oh my… we started it all over again. The last calls were made by Bea as my own patience was running extremely thin and I was risking being a “little antsy”.

So, at the end of the day it all came back together. By the way, my previous posting was done from the public library as I knew you would all be waiting for the update.
Let me add, we are having no running water in the house yet. King winter let some water freeze in the main line running from our well pump. I have spent hours in the basement, armed with a heat gun and firing up both our furnace and the wood burning stove. So far – NOTHING. Well, a few droplets made it up to the bathroom.
Fortunately, we do have a 2. old well inside the basement where we can scoop up water with a bucket. It’s not drinking water, but good enough for other purposes.
DSC_0230 DSC_0228
So here again, my patience is requested…..

We had a sunny day and the frozen surface of the snow softened a bit so I could use the new shovel some more.
DSC_0225 DSC_0231
Did also some wood chopping and actually enjoyed it.

We also did an afternoon drive and walk-about at Herring Cove Beach. We noticed that the winter storms had re-deposited a lot of fine sand along the beach.

Molly is the happiest dog and enjoys the area and the cool temps. It is amazing to watch how she delights in this place. Old habits, like doing a walk after supper, have re-surfaced with her and she even climbed the stairs last night to sleep in our bedroom just like she used to do.

So I guess, for a few days the excitement is over. We are just relaxing when there is nothing to do and our nights are quiet and we sleep like we have been up for a week on end.

Don’t expect too much from here over the next days, may a water story…Oh well we’ll see.

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  1. Hopefully there's not a gusher when the pipe thaws out. Been there, done that. It's exciting, let me tell ya.
    You're home, warm and dry, so it's all good.

  2. Oh no! At least you made it home safe even though the other things you have to deal with are very stressful. We hate working with any helpful folks on the phone. It seems nothing goes right and they only know how to fix things if it works according to the dialog they have to read. Hopefully, this will start getting better today.

  3. That exact same thing has happened to us well with Bell. We always expect trouble simply because it just seems to be Bell Telephone's incompetent way most every year. I remember the day when Bell was a well thought of respectable company but that sure has changed over the years. Can't help but feel they are out to deliberately scam their subscribers one way or the other. I feel some of their incompetent ways are definitely deliberate. Too bad about the frozen pipe, we just might find the same thing when we get home.....

  4. Why do things have to be so frustrating.Glad you are up and running on the internet. That is really important to me. You need to be relaxing before you have to head out again.

  5. Home looks cold but quite beautiful. Lovely clean skies and the water will be nice when it isn't freezing out. Too bad you couldn't have waited just a bit longer to return. However, the water pipes may have not worked anyway. Hopefully all will clear up soon. Good luck.

  6. I hope things thaw out soon for you - better frozen pipes than cracked pipes. When I lived in the mountains, I used to go into the "well house" and put pillows and blankets and towels around the pipes, and also all the exposed pipes going into the house. I never had frozen pipes. Of course, I was living there at the time and was able to keep the faucets dripping over night and running from time to time during the day. Obviously you guys can't do that when you are gone. I felt very lucky - I had many neighbors whose pipes broke and caused water damage in their houses - what a pain that was.

    Sue has a good point - next year can you leave later and return after the snow melts?

  7. Great that phone and internet are up and running, now good luck with running water.

  8. Oh my, it looks sooooo COLD there. Definitely not warm where I am either !!

  9. i can not think life without internet and without my blog

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