Thursday, March 29, 2012

After a Bad Night We Found a Hidden Rolls Royce
  MD-sign DSC_0010-mi pa-sign
Ok, I’m in Eastern Daylight Time and it it’s getting a lit late, but for you who still are out West the day is still young, so here we go. I have to go back to this morning. Actually I’m hesitant to call it “morning” as it really still was night time. We had parked in “Trucks-only” park along the I-81 in Virginia. That State doesn’t really have a wide choice of rest areas, so you take what you can get. The parking lot was wide open and very empty when we had entered about 4pm and decided to stay.
In accordance with the empty lot the first part of the night went real well and we both slept, tired as we were.
However, around 2am I woke up by a hammering machine noise interrupted every minute with a loud tsch……t. It was the unmistakable background noise of a truck engine and the safety valve of the air brakes system. What in the world….was that guy thinking. He had parked aside of us and even after 30 minutes it was still going on. Looking out I realized that the empty parking lot had filled up to the last spot. At the exit there were trucks parked in a triple wide line-up!DSC_0016-mi
I tossed and I turned, tried to bury my ears in the pillow – to no avail. Bea, who had ear plugs slept fitfully. I weighed the options. Should I blow our air horn? No,- what if the guy came out with a gun? Nonsens!
I could get up, drink coffee and surf the internet.  Naw, didn’t like that either. So at last I bowed over to my sleeping wife and whispered “I can’t sleep hon, we need to leave”.
And that was what we did. Of course, Bea was kind of sleepy, but what the heck, I would drive and that was it. We made coffee and got going. Traffic on the I-81 was still lively, but we made 90 miles until we reached another rest area. Even here trucks were parked in the car’s area and so did we. After another 2 1/2hrs sleep we made breakfast and made it out onto the highway again.
Bea had found out that a thunderstorm was building in the North-West moving into our way. We were out of West Virginia and well into Maryland when lightning started. The sky turned pretty dark and it began raining. Slowly at first but then a sky burst made everybody come to a crawl. It was all over within minutes and an hour later, we were plowing through Pennsylvania with the sky turned blue again, and a friendly sun was shining. We had made a call to friends, living in the Harrisburg area and asked if they would mind getting visitors. Of course, they didn’t, but their place of residence is, say, kinda out of people’s way. Our GPS lady led us through the most beautiful little towns. Such neatness and perfection I had never seen before.
But then the roads got smaller and smaller and even smaller. Luckily we met no other vehicle, but I had to stand on the brakes every time when one of these  right-angled steep curves got in our way, Finally we got to our friends address.
Our Hosts Lou and Linda
After supper they invited us for a walk around their 60ac. property. Lou showed me his old barn and under a cover there was an old 1956 Rolls Royce unrestored with the British license tags still in the front. Marvel, marvel…
They drove us down to the Susquehanna River which looks more like a huge lake. It is a major local recreation area in the summer.
We ended the day with ice creme, nuts and whipped creme.
Bea was yawning and I noticed a light tiredness as well, so we parted from ice creme and our friends for the night and…..Bea is already in dream land.

Dream something nice, you too!

And thanks for popping over!


  1. Really liked that green tinged photo of the Rolls Royce.

  2. I too have stopped at truck stops only to be woken up later to those same noises. Impossible to sleep!

  3. Glad you found the old Rolls. If it's missing when you leave, I'll bet they know where to find it!

  4. The truck stops are not a place that we stop at like you said pretty noisy. Love the old Rolls, that sure is a nice find.

  5. hope you had a better sleep!.. a Rolls Royce with BC plate?..who would have thought?

  6. We really try to avoid the truck stop areas - I need my "beauty" sleep. Those beautiful narrow roads in the NE are really scary sometimes. But my oh my - that Rolls is a beauty.

  7. I also try to avoid the Truck Stops - but sometimes it's not possible as there is no Walmart. I wasn't on the road very long when I first started out when I bought ear plugs - a whole package of them !! LOL Really makes a difference.


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