Sunday, March 4, 2012

At Pilot Knob
After all those Good Byes (some of them 2-3times since yesterday) we finally hit the road to Holtville to get our holding tanks emptied. When we were just about to make the turn into the Dump station I noticed a Lazy Daze rig which looked familiar. Immediately I was thinking of Jim from Jimbo’s Jouneys. Could it be possible that that guy was hanging out here? I had just read his blog about his wine and whales tour on the Baja. Was he looking for us? I parked in front of the gate and jumped out to see whether the rig had a Texas License plate. He had just brought the rig around, looking out the window when I saw Jim’s friendly grin. Unbelievable. After running in to him weeks ago at the water post in Quartzsite, this was the second time we met without planning it. But while we were heading east, Jims plans were going westward towards the coast and a few relatives he has there.
After this unexpected meeting we got the rig serviced and were off with a 100 gal of fresh Holtville town water.
As we were heading east on I-8 the sun was about to settle on the western horizon and were throwing its reddish rays across the Imperial Sand Dunes
Entering the Pilot Knob BLM we saw the host having a glance at our BLM-sticker and waving us through. There are quite a few rigs in here at this time, but the area is not very even and it was hard to find a suitable parking spot.
Then it was time to do a walk with Molly, we need to keep her happy if we want her to be content
while rolling down the road.

We had meatballs for supper and how good was that!
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  1. I was sorry Jim didn't get to see any whales but seeing you guys helped make up for that. And definitely need to keep that pretty Molly happy.

  2. Pilot Knob definitely isn't a flat area to park but usually there's enough room to fit everyone in. The good thing is it's close to Yuma and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

  3. We have to stop meeting like this! HA! HA! It is very unusual that we keep running into each other like this. Always good to see you both!


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