Tuesday, August 10, 2021

It Is Perfectly Alright To Kiss The Dog

 Of course you wouldn't kiss your dog on the mouth. Half an hour earlier it could have scooped up a yukky mess on your beach walk, so remember that before you exchange smooches with your dog again, but generally, I prefer to kiss my dog on the head, rather than getting too close to strangers. And that goes without saying, especially under the threat of a raging pandemic.

But wait...it's not only the pandemic which outlaws any kissing, what about a renitent Trumpian? Hell - I wouldn't even want to talk to one. Ignore, ignore! They are so full of Sh*t that even being near one is higly contagious.

Some of our American summer people have finally returned to the island. And they had to master the government mandated hoops, like uploading their vaccination status to the Canada website and showing a negative test result, preferably not older than 72hrs before showing up at the border. 

Now, yesterday, one couple came up from Florida. Yes, they escaped the epicenter of stupidity and ignorance in their home state with crazy De (in)Sane-tis, leading the way letting Floridians get sick and die in the name of his self-declared "freedom". 

Our neighbours won't return to Florida until some time into the new year. Here, they are safe with their 5 poodles to kiss every day, Much safer than staying in Florida.