Monday, March 12, 2012

Vulture Peak Rd Breakfast

I had just been cutting the rolls when I saw the grey Jeep pulling in. But hey, what were they doing. They backed out again. But I could clearly see Kelly’s face behind the windshield. So I jumped out of the coach waving my arms.
It turned out it was the Alberta License plate on our car which had made them hesitate.
Anyway, Al, Kelly and the Pheebs had arrived. Welcome to Paradise!
Breakfast was ready and I had rigged up table and chairs in the morning sun. Bacon had been sizzling on the BBQ and scrambled eggs been prepared. Rolls were just ready and please DIG IN!
It seems that when bloggers and RV’ers meet there is plenty to talk about. And when two charming dogs are around time is just flying by. So, since it was Monday, Al and Kelly were anxious to get a phone call.

DSC_0123 (4)-mi
I will not spill the beans here. That’s for them to do, but they got a phone call, alright. And then we went inside and pulled out our Laptop and printer. For the next hour that equipment was busy. And so was Kelly.
The rest is a future story!

Thanks for stopping by!

DSC_0123 (6)-mi DSC_0123 (5)-mi
Molly got a bit jealous, sometimes    …so did the Pheebs, but then she got tired
DSC_0123 (7)-mi DSC_0123 (3)-mi
Al and Kelly busy            The office equipment was humming
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  1. What a fantastic breakfast feast you put on. I sure hope Molly's nose didn't get bent out of shape too far to have Pheebs invade her territory.

  2. looks like Molly enjoyed her visit with the Pheebs....seems like you could put that pheebs anywhere and she'd be comfy....what a great breakfast you all had !! So nice to get together with other bloggers ins't it...take care

  3. good news on Monday for the Bayfield Bunch we will assume!..and as for Molly and Pheebs both are so darn cute!!!..I am sure that next time the two of them will be a bit's like they are competing for blogging time!.. :)

  4. We will hang around and wait for that big secret!! Enjoy yourselves!

  5. A good time was had by all ! Thanks Peter & Molly !!!


  6. I just read the news. Hey, I'm in Europe, there's that whole time difference thing.
    I think I would have been confused by the Alberta plates as well. And I'm still confused, didn't you guys start off out East somewhere? Campobello Island comes to mind, but maybe I'm mixing you up with someone else? My memory is dim.

  7. A wonderful spread you put on for Breakfast, so nice that you finally got to meet Al and Kelly. I just read their fantastic news too, excitement yes.


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