Saturday, March 31, 2012

We are home, but spend another night in the motor home

DSC_0115-miI knew the feeling all the way. It would be like it was the year before. We were both excited and anxious to get home.


Starting at the New Hampshire Welcome Center on I-95 we made it to Bangor, Maine an hour before noon. A quick turn-off to the dump station at Dysarts Truck Stop and we were off again, this time heading to the coastal highway #1A. Hwy 1A is probably the one highway which leads through the most beautiful part of Maine. Neat houses with white fences overlooking deep blue bays. And yes, the sun got out and lifted our spirits even more.


That was until we were just north of Ellsworth, where a horrible accident had happened just before we got there. Two vehicles had collided, whereof one was totally smashed, with fatal results for a couple of our age, who were pronounced dead at the scene. We were both shaken on our further drive.

DSC_0132-miArriving on the Island was the most pleasant experience. When we passed the American Customs on the south side two officers were standing outside. We gave them a friendly wave and they waved back.

You will recall the nice spring pics we took in Pennsylvania. DSC_0133-miWell, the view of blooming fruit trees here on Campobello will be something we have to wait for another 3-4weeks, I suppose.

What we found on the ground you don’t even want to know about, or?

DSC_0135-mi  DSC_0137-mi

In our house everything was in excellent condition and it took me 20 minutes to get the water running and switch on the power. We leave everything off as we don’t have to fear for a water leakage or a power failure.

I did have a little run-in with the phone company though. Before we left in the fall we had advised to re-connect the phone on April 01. However, with a slightly earlier arrival I had phoned the company and asked whether they could make the re-connect on Friday, march 30. That was confirmed by phone and I thought all well. That was until I checked the phone line this morning from Bangor and got the message that the phone was temporarily disconnected. *#^$!?>”%  I phoned the company and it turned out some not-so-smart employee had punched in APRIL 30 for the re-connect date. Hellooooo……

Well, the lady fixed the mistake immediately while on the phone with me and I must say that everything worked just fine when we got here.

Bea busied herself in the house, where she found a dead mouse beside Molly’s food bowl. Poisoned! There you have it. The perpetrator died at the scene.

While Bea had her first review of the house I was occupied with taking the car off the trailer. All-of-a-sudden the RCMP (Police) showed up. I kinda know the officer and all he wanted was to welcome us home and ask whether everything was OK with the house, which I could confirm. A real friendly fellow this officer.

Even though the furnace in the house runs, we chose to have another night in our rig, thereby letting the house warm up after 5 months of standing cold.


The afternoon turned out real sunny and I took a cup of coffee in my favorite place outside the garage in full view of the blue Passamaquoddy Bay. The past days of travel and hustling through heavy traffic fell away from me. Life as simple as it gets…is just the best.

Have a great Sunday!

And thanks for coming by!



  1. I really don't like to see any accidents on the road. It doesn't make my anxiety level feel any better. But oh, the fun of being home again. And a welcome home by the police is a good thing in your case.

  2. We always get excited to go and get excited to return. Now you'll have the whole summer to get ready for your winter travels. Enjoy yourselves!!

  3. welcome home Peter and Bea!..welcome home!..sorry to hear that the transient mouse met his demise!!

  4. Nothing like HOME sweet HOME.
    We explored Main few years ago and liked every minute,wish we knew you then.

  5. I am so glad everything went well on your last stretch of travel. I bet that house was really cold though. I am so glad I ran into not once but twice during your travels.


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