Monday, October 25, 2021

Think About It...

When you grow up and you are still living with your parents, you never think about what life will have in store for you. You hardly have an idea of what you want to become later in life. And you certainly never think about what your life will be like when you turn 40, 50, 60 or 70.....or even 80! This lack of thinking makes you feel free as a bird. You live for the day and you live in the now. It is the blessing of being young. 

For most people this all changes with the years passing by. More and more you become aware of the past, or your goals in life, and later, much later, you catch yourself spending time, often endless time, with remembering. You remember the highlights but also the bad times of your life. You think of all the stupid mistakes you made, all the stupid things you said. And if you have aged with grace, you realize which people you really love because of their personality. You appreciate good friends you can hang out with, chatting or having a drink with. You are now beyond your retirement date and you wake up in the morning and no alarm clock will remind you of going to work. Another full day awaits you and like an artist you can form the day to what ever and how ever you want it to be. And before you have your breakfast you think of things you would like to do that day. Continue reading that book or go out with the dog? You can paint a picture or you paint your garage door. You might have developed a retirement age routine. This frame of your life is something you are happy with. And when evening comes, you listen to your favorite music or watch TV, or you think about your travels you have done - and still want to do. 

Your heart is full and you will sleep well until another day will wake you up.

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Holy Smokes, We Are Getting Really Excited

 Counting the days to our snowbird departure, we got really busy. The first order was to prepare our tow-van for the job ahead. 4 rows of bus seats had to be removed to make room for building a stow area for all the stuff we would never get into our 32ft trailer. Honestly, I don't have a clou how people travel for several months in a Class B or just a van. 

So with the seats removed I built a 20" tall box measuring 70" in length over the full width of the van. The rear has an open area for our generator and a few other things plus 3 drawers filled with tools and utensils. On top of the box we have a mattress which can be used as a bed in an emergency, should we have to leave the trailer behind for a couple of days. Between the storage and the front seats there is plenty space for Dixie and her bed. Due to the seat mounting rails the floor of the van is somewhat uneven, so I covered it with plywood. Despite our stuff and the box in the van, the vehicle is now weighing less than with all the seats mounted. The remodeling kept me busy for 2 days. 

We are also still carrying items over to the trailer. Besides of clothing for both warm and colder weather, I also went through our music collection of CDs. Can't live without music!

Our Weber BBQ is going to get a quick connect, so we can hook it up to the BBQ propane hose on the side of the trailer.

The solar panels have been safely mounted on the roof and sending their combined 600 Watts into our deep-cycle batteries out front. This I had done over a month ago and it has kept the batteries at full charge. A 3000W inverter takes that charge and provides 110W AC without us even having to run the generator. Quiet camping at its best!

The last evenings have been filled with plotting the best route and finding overnight stays along the road. From Lowe's via Walmart parking to Camping World, a State Park and BLM-camps, everything is possible. In the past we have stayed in truck stops but don't like them very much. The noise there can keep you awake more than you'd like. Good online helpers have been Google maps and the Campendium website. Campendium shows links to various kind of overnight possibilities and is seemingly covering the entire US. What I really appreciate with the Google maps are the street views. You can scout out parking areas at the big-box stores or even the next exit. 

Before reaching the open plains, I like to stay close to the highway without making big detours. So much faster to get back on the road in the morning when you want to beat rush hour around the big busy areas. Once we are over in the midwest, traffic lessens and we can relax and also look for places some miles off the beaten path. Some folks like to choose a route off the Interstates, and that might be scenic, but having our destination far ahead out west, I think our fuel mileage will be better keeping a steady pace rather than having to grind our way through umpteen little towns and villages. Besides, we have heard horror stories about local law enforcement being eager to stop out-of state vehicles crossing through their jurisdiction. 

So, it looks like the route is about 5250kms (3280miles) long. Yeah, it's a major road trip and it has us very excited. Just thinking of running down the road through the seemingly never-ending band of highway is plain fascinating. 

Tomorrow the 24th, it will be just 18 more days. 


    Beach Grass and a dog-meet on the beach
But while we are waiting for the border to open, we are still enjoying walks on the island, now with full fall colours everywhere.

Friday, October 15, 2021

What To DO? And What An Adventure!

 OK, the cat is out of the sack! The date for Canadians to swamp the US is November 8. Today Bea has started to carry stuff out to the trailer. Rather do it now, than on the last 2 days, when we would forget half of it.

One of the questions I am dealing with right now is what road-assistance company to choose. A coupla years back I had a personal war going on with the CAA, so I am reluctant to sign up with them again. So I had been thinking of Good Sam. But then I read their FB-reviews and I am shocked, to put it mildly, about all the people having had bad experiences with that company, Does anybody out there have a good advice for a good company we can deal with? If so, pls. comment down below.

I am getting glad and happy messages from fellow RVers about their plans going south for the winter. So everybody is really excited. So are also local businesses south of the border, who are eying their Canadian customers returning for shopping, And Christmas is not far off!!!

And while the world seems to return to normal, Covid-19 finally made it to our island. A single unvaccinated person brought is over from the US and spread it first to her 4 kids, then the school and then exposing her church congregation to the virus. How stupid is it possible to be? We got around 20 active cases for less than 800 people and there's gotta be a hundred people currently self-isolating. What a shame. Thankfully, the total number of cases in the US is on the way down. Maybe by November there is real light in the tunnel.

Meanwhile I am still enjoying early-morning walks with Dixie along the Bay of Fundy.

And the other day we got ourselves a little excitement on the beach.

The first glimpse I got was a dark spot in the beach. I was still far away from it but when I came closer I saw hundreds of cormorants sitting along the water's edge.

Overnighters, maybe. At least they had been sitting there as long as the low tide lasted. Dixie was ahead of me and had also seen the Cormorants, and she approached them slowly. As soon as the birds realized the dog they started in groups into the water. 

And before I knew it they were either flying off or just walking into the sea. There was hundreds and hundreds of them. The sun was throwing a stark reflection off of the water and I took a few shots towards the Herring weir and the anchored fishing vessel out there.

Then I heard a splash close to shore. I saw it before it was gone again. A seal had jumped and caught a fish. 

That sure also alerted Dixie. Dixie is extremely afraid of the water, so she was just standing along the water's edge scanning the surface of the water. 

Where are you?
Aah... I can see you:
And there the seal appeared again, just 20yrds from land. Dixie was now staring at it, and wouldn't you know it, the seal was looking at Dixie. As we proceeded our walk along the beach, the seal popped up again both here and there and Dixie was always running back and forth following the movements of the seal. It was fascinating to watch the two so different animals.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

A Trip To The Golf Course

 I must admit, the headline of this posting could imply something that is not true. So no, I have not taken up chasing a stupid little ball down the green of a golf course. That would be utter nonsense, as I despise all ball games, and that includes golf. Besides, it's the middle of October and the golf course is closed, which is exactly the reason why I have started using it for hikes with Dixie. And just like the previous 12 days, the weather was flawless. Pure utter sunshine out of a cloudless blue sky is just what I love so much in October. Actually it has been downright hot many days, having me pulling out my shorts again. 

A great place to walk your dog around here is indeed the golf course. Just look at today's photos and you could start nodding your head.

 We got gorgeous fall colours on the island. 

Before my delightful afternoon walk, I had the pleasure of touring a few friends around the island. And nothing is more rewarding than doing this on a clear sunny day. So, it was a great day for everyone.

In a few days we might hear news from the US-Government regarding the opening of the border. If it's gonna happen we will finally be able to plan our stay down south. Aah, how I am looking forward to this.

UPDATE This morning breaking news: The US border will be open for vaccinated Canadians and Canadian residents from the beginning of November!!!!!

      I love it when daddy goes to the golf course with me!

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