Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bea has arrived!
Bea has now arrived safely with her mom. Talked to her this morning and her mom seemed really glad to have her daughter visit.
Even though the temps should go up today, there are still coming ugly wind gusts from the mountains.This morning I  read other bloggers had their experience with the storm casts yesterday. George and Suzie have a couple of really impressive pics on their website. 
Did a longer walk with Molly and contemplated for a while whether I should move the rig a bit farther up the hillside. However, a horse outfit got up there before me and I am not sure whether the wifi connection will be good there, as the view to the valley would be blocked by a couple of hills to the north.

So far I was able to do some office work today, and we'll just see what other things are coming onto the agenda.

Maybe I have some more stuff later.

Stay tuned!

Have noticed a new follower #58! Thanks for your interest "Julie" who also has a site called "Come journey with Julie"

Jeri at "Just Wanderin' " was wondering where I was hiding out exactly. Well, I am hiding out at the Vulture Peak Road, which is a gravel road off the Vulture Mine Rd, which turns off Hwy 60 in Wickenburg. Jeri was one of them who had been "rockin' and rollin' " during the past storm.

Meanwhile it has actually warmed up quite a bit and promptly I spent a few hours sunbathing behind my rig. Had a book too!

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