Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why go to WHY?

No, I haven’t snapped, not quite yet. But even before I went to Wickenburg I had decided that I would go to WHY,AZ.  But why did I do so? Wickenburg was fine and shopping a lot closer than here. Because WHY has no shopping to offer. You gotta go to Ajo (AHO) for that.

Well we’ve been here before and found this BLM area just south of WHY a pleasant spot. Here is desert (like everywhere her) with Saguaro Cactus, nice sunsets, quiet people and generally not much noise from anywhere.

I had left Wickenburg and my spot along the Vulture Peak Rd. at 9:30am which was a halfway’s decent time to leave. I had been up since 6am though, which I don’t know whether it is decent. Anyway, I was finished with sleeping and why would I just hang out in bed any longer? I cleared up the rig, drove the car up on the trailer, tied it down and then it was 9:30am.

I did announce that the Vulture Peak Rd. goes all the way down to the I-10, right?  Weeell. in a way it does, but the southern piece is a darn dirt road, which I did NOT know.

So when I was standing at that intersection (Thanks God there was one!) and one road went right and the other left, and then the Vulture Peak Rd straight ahead I had to pull over and look at the Walmart-Mc.Nally. Hu, nix, nada, no info there. The GPS then. I zoomed in and zoomed out and moved the map sideways and found out that the North Wickenburg Rd (the one to the left) would get me down to I-10. And wow, it did it really. I even came across a sign that said TO I-10. Not bad at all.

Now, once on I-10, I headed to Buckeye and turned onto Hwy 85 South. Along that Highway is one of the biggest prisons I have ever seen. Lots of bad guys there, I suppose.

Gila Bend was once a small little town. I remember it well from 5-7 years ago. A dusty little town with a lot of boarded-up businesses it was. Hey – not anymore, no Sir. Something happened to that town, which increased traffic so bad that one would think it was an outskirt of L.A. Man, all there is missing is the high-rises.

I stopped at a SHELL STATION which also runs an RV-Park. The Diesel price was only half expensive and I took grossly advantage of them as I pulled into the RV-Park and left all the goodies there. Took up water too and then I had lunch in their spacious truck-stop. Over all that I never took a picture. That’s because Bea wasn’t in the passenger seat, as she uses to.  Good Bye bustling little Gila Bend!

Well, now I got onto that loong straight road where there is hardly any curve ahead. That is until I came to Ajo. Now THAT town is what I call beautiful. The beautiful white churches I have been admiring before, but it is a stunning view to get into town. I also like the generous Spanish-style Plaza. I gotta have a coffee there again. If you like to read about Ajo and what we found there earlier read I THIS POST.

why-BLM 001-mi

I am sure there will be more pics to come one of these days as I snoop around.

Before the sun went down I had pulled in here at BLM-land South of Why and set up the rig. Tomorrow I will get company – a guy from up in the Atlantic Provinces.

why-BLM 017-mi   why-BLM 008-mi why-BLM 007-mi








So hang in there and see what’s happening.


PS: Doug and   Sue had a comment about my automobile roundtrip the other day.

They were wondering whether I had told somebody beforehand where I would be going. I appreciate your question but let me explain:

I think a trip like that is not quite comparable to a mountain hike, where one can get lost, break the leg or be bit by a snake. Except for that little 30 minute walk I did with Molly down an ATV-trail, (my car was parked at the trail head) this was an automobile tour only. And I have a cell phone which works along the road. Good to know you are concerned about my well-being. :-))



  1. Absolutely love the photos of Molly!!!

  2. thanks for the answer to our question....just concerned is the photos of Molly..she is a fine looking pooch!!!!

  3. Nice photos of Molly. We have lots of pleasant memories of the Why/Ajo area over the years. Hickiwan Trails RV Park behind the Casino in Why is great for walks out into the desert while there. There is scenic 25 mile loop drive in the Ajo mountains which starts across from the Visitor Center in Organ Piple National Monument too.

  4. Glad you found your way down that dirt road or you might still be driving. Enjoy your stay in Why.


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