Friday, March 16, 2012

A Hot Day at Why

I’m sure it was very early when I first started stirring around. How early I can’t say. My mind was still blurred and foggy. But I do know it was dark, so it could have been just anytime during night. But then things changed. And “by thing” I mean that Molly made a familiar sound and then somebody started to ring in the day. That “somebody” was me, apparently, cause I couldn’t figure out anybody else. In fact the dark vanished and light was growing.

Alright, you are about to find the next blog, so I better hurry up.

Another half of a month is gone, and just to remind me of it the phone rang. I hadn’t even had my breakfast yet. Gotta be from the East I mumbled. And from the East it was. That is if you consider Europe to be in the East. My dear wife was telling me that she wouldn’t be home today so I shouldn’t even think of making a call!!?? But we were having a conversation right now or what?

Ok, it became a short one as Bea didn’t want to incur a whole truck load of money being due on her mother’s monthly bill. After all she had just called a Canadian Cell phone in the U.S. from Germany! Go figure that for a change! I’m sure that is gonna be a phone company’s delight of a legal rip-off!

Besides, I needed to get on with my day. Breakfast is a lonely affair these days, mind you Molly is having her usual sit-in at the base of the table. Those big brown eyes…..Geez!


After breakfast and walking Molly I went to town, to Ajo to be precise. Olsen’s IGA Food Marked would be the choice and I also needed to replenish my printing paper supplies. (hello Bayfield Bunch)

DSC_0020-mi DSC_0022-mi
    The multi-colored tailings of the Ajo copper mine.                          Historical Ajo Plaza
DSC_0023-mi DSC_0025-mi
DSC_0032-mi DSC_0028-mi
DSC_0027-mi DSC_0031-mi

Spend the first part of a hot afternoon in a chair in the shade with a nice breeze around the rig. Wonderful!

At 2pm I see a Class C rig pulling in. PEI-Bob has arrived. Yes, we call him that as usually there are too many Bobs around to keep track of them. I go greet the fellow and I am surprised he has a lady onboard. Barb, that’s her name, turns out to be a PEI-gal who has flown in to Phoenix the other night. For all Americans reading this, “PEI” is the abbreviation for “Prince Edward Island”, one of the Atlantic Provinces of Canada. Since Barb has never been in the desert before and just escaped a snow storm up North (yukk) the desert sun has already burned her skin.

I invite them over for coffee and ice cream, and later having supper with me. For that occasion I indulge in making a potato salad and BBQing sausages.

Barb is in heaven, and she praises my potato salad as the best she’s ever eaten. Now what? I offer her the recipe. What, you want that too? Alright, here goes:

1.  boiling whole potatoes

2. peel potatoes

3. cool them

4. Cut them

5. The mayo mix:

    50 % mayo

    50 % sour cream

    a tad of mustard

    a little milk

   cut-up apple

   cut-up and fried bacon

   cut-up and fried onion

   Dill seed

   garlic salt



6. Decorate with hard boiled egg slices

    and tomato slices

Bon Appetite!



            A mural with a special touch: Look closely and you will see a lot more than cactus and a mountain
DSC_0038-mi DSC_0034-mi
…and it even goes on across the sidewalk  


  1. those are quite the murals!!..glad that you restocked your paper supply! Molly allowed at the 'table' when Bea is home?

  2. Michael, the mural artist lives in Ajo..... interesting guy, he has a studio on the way out of town , up the hill towards Darby Wells....Lizzard Flats....
    Nice town shots, so pretty there.


  3. I am going to make note of that potato salad. It sounds delicious. That mural in Ajo is really something!

  4. Sounds like you and your wife need to SKYPE then it would not have cost you and arm and a leg to talk.

  5. Skype is definitely the answer Peter to keep those phone bills down....glad you have molly for company...and the PEIers :)

  6. Hope Olsen's had that printer paper on sale. We kinda cleaned some folks out of printer paper over at North Ranch too.....


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