Wednesday, March 21, 2012

On Her Way
I did another trip to the laundry today. And believe me I was so embarrassed when I found out that I was one quarter short for the big washer. (it takes ten coins) And that AFTER I had filled the drum and had detergent in the fill box. Oh well, I have to take the small machine then, which is happy with 8 quarters.
So again I fill the machine and the fill box and what can I say....I put the quarters in the machine beside of it. 
I know, I are now laughing your head off.  Trust me I WAS..... no let's not go there. After again pulling the laundry out and moving it over to the right machine AND filling the third box with detergent, I was finally able to get that dxxx thing started. 

While the laundry was tumblin' around in the washer I went to Olsen's IGA and got filter bags, sausages and an onion. I guess you need to know all this, right? So there it is.

Next stop was the local Radio Shack where I inquired about one of these little weather alert radios. Amazingly they had one sittin' on the shelf and one only! The sales man told me I 'd be very lucky if I could get that thing to work around these parts as general reception for electronic gadgets is very poor to say the least. But I knew that. After all PEI-Bob's Virgin stick is dead as a rock out here. Guess I'm just lucky to be hooked onto Verizon's network, otherwise you'd had just one of these days without a laugh. You know where I'm coming from, do you?

Let's get over to more serious matters. Bea is coming home tonight! I haven't lined up a parade for her, but at least the laundry is done and there will be food in the fridge, in case she refused to gobble that airline food.

And by now she has landed at Charlotte, NC, but here's the update from a few minutes earlier.

 And that will be all, as they say. I'd be off to Phoenix tonight so there will be no more ramblings coming from me today.

Have a good one


  1. It's a long flight. We've done it a few times and so have you. By the time you greet her, she'll be zonked but she'll certainly be glad she doesn't have to deal with the laundry because you've taken care of it.

    We've seen the little weather radios but you have to leave them on if you want to hear the alerts. And, by leaving them on don't you get a lot of static

  2. Oh brother - that's a funny story about the laundromat. Glad you finally got the laundry done anyway.

  3. It sounds like Bea normally handles all the laundromat stuff. HA!

  4. so nice to have your wife home again!!!...welcome back Bea!!


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