Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lazy Friday!

Today’s plans got changed when I walked over to PEI-Bob for morning coffee. It turned out that PEI-Barb was sick, or at least knocked out. The desert had spoken. She had a sinus infection, allergies and I think she might have gotten way too much sun the previous day. Anyway, the trip into Organ Pipe National Park was canceled. So was the trip through the Ajo Mountains.

So the day was about to putter along. It got hot again and after 11.00am everybody was hiding inside. I went to the host station and found a book to read. Some fancy Tom Clancy novel. If I am now gonna loose my sleep it’s because of that book.

Not unexpectantly I did not talk to Bea today as she was on an automobile trip with her brother and her mother. And tomorrow the only opportunity for talking to her would be after her train had arrived in Northern Germany and she would be at my Dad’s place. You see Dad is a bit lonely these days, so I thought it a very fine idea of Bea to go see him.

Out here I met with the PEI-delegation a couple of times, mostly for having a chat and eatin’ something, like when they made coffee and later had chicken breasts a-la-Bob off the BBQ with a nice garden salad a-la-Barb. Yep, Barb re-appeared from the back of their rig and was feeling a lot better.

Thought of having a camp fire, but a wind came up and that got canceled too. Looking at the weather forecast the next few days are gonna be windy and partly cloudy and rainy.

Took a new picture for a header today, and it’s gonna be the only one you see here today.

Have safe travels where you are!






  1. Beautiful sunset photo. If I can only have one tonight, that's definitely a great one. Glad Barb has recovered. Nice dinner.

  2. and it is a fine new header shot!..the sunsets in Arizona are amazing!..sorry to hear that the weather wreaked havoc on your plans today..maybe tomorrow will be a better one weather wise!

  3. Great sunset picture for your header.


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