Saturday, November 12, 2011

With Time to Think
Saturday afternoon. Quiet music in the rig. The sky is grey, and a stiff north-westerly wind has brought the temps way below normal. Time seems to stand still, or is it? Bea is on the internet. I receive fragments of the news she is reading.
In Rome people are celebrating in the streets. The reason for that is Mr. Berlusconi's stand-down. Finally, the criminal politician is forced to step down.

Mr. Obama was pictured with the Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard and she is beaming at him. No wonder, Mr. Obama is a charming man. 

Also German Chancellor Angela Merkel is taken with the U.S. President.
Gov. Perry from Texas has now blundered so much that his ambitious goal of being a U.S. President seems out of reach. Does he always know what he wants to say?  Or does he say what his advisers have prescibed to him? Another U.S. presidential candidate is battling allegations of a very delicate matter.
We are also approaching the American Thanksgiving. And of course oil companies are again out raising gas prices and taking advantage of people wanting to travel home to see their families,
What is all this good for? Does it serve a purpose? Most of it will be ancient history 100 years from now. Only historians might know where to find Gov. Perry's name.
Lots of aggravation and business involved as usual. Are we ever changing or are we circling around ourselves into eternity? A look into history might speak for the latter. 

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  1. That header photo is kind of eerie. I like it though.
    I'd sooner be looking at it on my computer screen than through a wind shield though.
    You mentioned a while back (couple posts ago) about the motorhome heat not keeping up with the cold.
    We found we had that problem once upon a time, and realised that the heater hoses (that carry the supposed warm air) were being super cooled by ram air as we drove along. There was no way the heater could keep up. And this was a gasser.
    So I insulated all the heater hoses, and made sure to plug up any leaks with that spray foam stuff, and that helped a lot.
    Always better to only travel in warm weather of course, but not always possible.
    If you poke around in the front (I'm guessing it will be right above your generator) you may be surprised to find that your heater hose/tubes whatever aren't insulated at all.


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