Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Key Question: Have you ever lost a key?
I bet you have, because it seems to be the nature of keys to be lost at some time. Then what? You got a spare you say?
Well, that’s great, but what if not? What if the spare got lost?
You forgot to get a 2nd. set, right?
You can imagine that we in our advanced age have an even harder time to remember where we might have lost a key?
I always try to remember where I “could” have lost the key – yep always hopeful to find it again.

What if I told ya that I lost the last set of car keys yesterday evening? Sure had to walk to the bonfire instead of driving halv the mile.
When we got back from the fire we took the flashlights and tried to retrace my steps after the last use of the car that afternoon. Of course it was pretty dark now. Yes, I know about the moon being full or almost full, but finding a car key in the desert?? Not likely, eh?
But of course we had to try. Walked the “dog route” in the dark, weaving back and forth between the Creosote Bushes – but no key. Bea was even trailing a large magnet through the sand.

Pretty disappointed we returned to the rig. Let’s have another look around the car. Oh boy – where could it be. We had been looking through the pockets and on the floor in the rig and inside the car.

I was about to give up when I saw something glistening on the hood.

Oh my...

Sunrise over the Desert

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