Sunday, November 6, 2011

A letter found and a trailer lost
Hi moma I miss you and love you. I hope you like your pictcher and I hope you injoy the word search I left you and the magazine and also the close I picked out from the dresser. Just picked the stuff that I thought would feel comfortibul. I will bring you another Pare or PJ bottoms on tue. Me and Daddy are good I'm keeping him busy and he is keeping me busy, and the house is not a mess. Wangster is being good and is behaveing well. Me and daddy are having fun and Im not afraid to tell him if I need help or if Im worried about any thing. I hope you are Okay. Joey, Carly, Me and daddy and becca all love you very very very much and hope you are okay too.

Especially Joey, because
daddy says he is a moma titty boy

Yes folks, I found that letter in a rest area on the ground. It was folded up, but I saw the handwriting on it and picked it up. What can we make of it? A child with separated or even divorced parents, or just a dad who came home when the mother was not there?   I will leave that to you to figure out.
That, and how that letter got onto the ground at the Cherokee Rest and Truck Stop along I-40.

We were back on the road, when Bea shouted "Oh no, look!"
She grabbed the camera and what we both saw was a real shocker. A mid-size cargo trailer about 300yrds ahead of us had begun swerving violently. A car was right behind it - braking. Then the trailer broke completely free and careened to the right disappearing down a slope ending up jammed between bushes and trees. We had time to stop on the shoulder. The trailer was a complete wreck. It appeared that the cargo trailer had been hitched to a horse trailer which was pulled by a pickup.
We called 911, and talked to the owners, an older couple. When the wife got out of the pickup she even fell and Bea was there to help her up.

We made it alright from that huge truckstop, but waited until daylight. We drove down highway 69 and went through Muskogee, the town which got famous with Merle Haggard singing about being an Okie from Muskogee. Good to finally see the town.

We hit the I-40 south of Muskogee and went along with it for the entire day. As it was Sunday, crossing Oklahoma City went like a charme. We enjoyed a wide blue western sky and I must admit it was getting mighty hot behind the big windshield. 
And yes, we reached our set destination as we are only 60 miles east of Amarillo,TX.
Found this one on a rest stop... Public humour!
Oh, before I forget: We didn't feel anything of the Oklahoma earth quake. Guess we were too far away from the city, and besies, we were tired and were sound asleep!

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  1. That trailer coming loose would really have been scary. Glad you were there to help out. Nice to get through a big city with little traffic. The RV probably just rocked you gently during the earthquake - which is a good thing.

  2. humm the letter, I like to think its a momma away working or in the hospital maybe with a not serious health issue..because they all send their love daddy included..(sigh I always look for the loving romantic scenario)..glad you were there to help the couple with the cargo trailer..thankfully they were not safe out there...


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