Thursday, November 10, 2011

Yep, that's right!
I-8 towards Yuma
Up early enough to see the sunrise behind us and dashing off towards Yuma,AZ, Arrived at Yuma at 8.30am MST, fill up with diesel and propane. The pit stop took 30 minutes and then back onto I-8. 

The California agriculture check point at Pilot Knob was still there and this time the officer came on board to check our fridge. With nothing there which interested him, we were released into the Golden (bankrupt) State and had one more check point to pass at Gordon Wells, this time it was the U.S. border patrol, who apparantly did not want to talk to us oldtimers and just waved us on.

The reason why we`do not spend our winters in an RV-Park
Finally we could see the Geothermal power plants east of the Hot Springs LTVA and from there it was only minutes to our final, final destination.

Last exit for us to turn into the Hot Springs LTVA
Friends greeted us at the entry and when we arrived at "our" site. All was well and we could set up and take a rest.

The only other thing I did, was doing a run into Holtville, pay my bill for the P.O.Box, get potetoes, wash the road grime off the Jeep and take out some money to pay our BLM-fees. 

Now we have just shut down and enjoying ourselves.

That's what all of us should do from time to time.


If you come here again tomorrow, I have another "fine" story for you. I promise!


  1. Enjoy and looking forward to some pictures of the BLM land.

  2. Glad you're there safe and sound. Now you can relax and enjoy that sunshine.


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