Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's gettin' dark early!
We are in the middle of November and the days are getting shorter every week. Down here, 5 miles from the Mexican border daylight comes and goes much faster then what's the case up north. Within 45 minutes a sunny day turns into a pitch dark evening. Currently the last daylight is gone by 5pm. But we still enjoy a sunrise around 6:15am.

The first days of our stay were rather cool with Northerly winds and a mostly overcast sky, that is except today, when sunshine was pretty steady and the temps were nice enough to sit outside most of the time.

We haven't developed too many activities yet as we still feel that we want to rest and just hang out.
However there is Molly who demands walks every now and then. Unfortunately her foot with the ripped-off claw was bleeding today and we are worried she will be getting a new infection there, so we kind of limit the length of our walks with her. We consider to put that foot into a bootie. Molly is a pretty patient dog so she might just accept that without pulling the bootie off.
In Dream Land

In the morning I started to put together the "bus-stop" puzzle. 
Yeah, last year we kinda built what looks like a bus-stop. I mean it really is meant to be a wind shelter. It is made out of steel pipes, I bought at the local hardware store, the type which is used to protect electric wiring in walls. At the flea-market I bought fitting connectors and 90 degree corners. And it always turns into a puzzle to sort the pipes and the right corner pieces. 

After the frame is set up, I put a tarp over the frame. One goes in the back and on either wing, another covers the top so we don't feel the chilly evening air descending on us. Inside, we can put three or 4 chairs beside eachother. 
In front of us we have an old washer drum with a bonfire burning. And that;s how we spend many evenings -- weather permitting. Talk around the bonfire is the social part out here. And it's not only talk, but often times there is music as well.
Found a pic from last year:


  1. the beauty of retirement and travelling in the RV is you don't have to line up activities unless you want to :)....molly is sweet...and theres nothing better than an old washer tub for a bonfire...enjoy!!

  2. Hi,
    I envy all you guys doing it full time...we as non residents have to leave USA after 6 months,so we found our "balance" -summers RVing and winters at home.
    Have a great winter.


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