Sunday, November 20, 2011

Movie Night
It's Saturday and movie night. Watching the "Silver Streak" with Gene Wilder, a hilarious crime story developing aboard the "Silver Streak" train. Of course it's an old movie from the seventies, but hilarious and worth every laugh. 

We had a bit of a windy day today with the temps around 70-72F. Just right for me and by the way there was work to do. A neighbour had asked for a hand with replacing the fabric on his A+E awning. So the two of us spent the morning climbin' stepladders and tryin' to fix that awning.

Didn't do too bad a job, if I can say that here. The awning was lookin' just fine after we finished and it just so happened that Bea and Molly were comin' up the road to see how we guys were doin'.  Of course I was mighty hungry by then. So I spent the next hour eating.

And now that neighbour has invited us for supper to an El Centro Restaurant for tomorrow. And how nice it that. 

Out here in the desert helping eachother has a long-standing tradition. Two years ago we had problems with that darn propane fridge in our rig. Happened just before I had to fly to Germany. And what can I say, four guys showed up and fixed the fridge while I was visiting mother in Germany. No wonder we love those folks here.

And then, in the afternoon there was a sudden need to bake a cake. So I stepped up, I mean in front of the kitchen counter and baked that cake. Apple cake!

Yep, and now the commercial is over and I have to dive back into that movie. They really do crazy things there. Gotto watch it!

Hang in there and thanks for coming by.

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