Monday, November 14, 2011

The Hot Springs LTVA
A Beautiful Day
When you wake up in the morning and you instantly know that feeling of happiness, there is nothing which can change that. And today it was such a day. The sun was shining out of a blue sky and after having a wonderful breakfast and had SKYPE-chatted with a friend in Norway, I was heading off to the Hot Springs. A hot shower and then into the tub. Aahhh...Gorgeous. Looking up into the deep blue sky and the palm trees (I just love palm trees) the feeling of completeness even intensified.
This irrigation canal runs along our BLM-area. 
Back at the RV i enjoyed another cup of coffee and dived into the story of my book, but got tired and napped off into dream land for a while. Lunch at 11:15am was a bit early but I was hungry and had a bowl of oats. 

After all that resting I got the urge to get into some activity. The coach needed an outside clean-up. In fact, the grime on the rear was so bad that the sponge I used for washing instantly turned black. I had siphoned off a few liters of water from our fresh water tank, but wanted to do more later in the afternoon. Checking the level of fresh water, I realized that there would be room for about 40 gallons. So I collected the plastic bladder and our water hose from the basement and drove the 8 miles to town. We can get town water at the dump place and pay 2 bucks for 40 gallons. That is not too bad, and it also contains a bit of chlorine which is good for keeping the tank sanitized.

The bladder I got, can be transported on the roof of the Jeep without any tie-downs. It is so heavy that it won't slide off, unless you drive like Michael Schumacher, which I rarely do.

Those 40 gallons sure filled up our 100gal. tank again and with the left-over water I washed most of the rest of the bus.
Gettin' the dirt off
Now it's 4:45PM and the sun is already behind the horizon. Another 15 minutes and it will be dark.

Bea is already busy in the kitchen department and maybe it will be on her blog what we have for supper tonight.

Have a wonderful evening everybody and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Love the view of the springs. So do you get to relax tomorrow? Scrubbing the rig is a chore but it looks so nice when you get done.

  2. and another great day...can't wait till we are out there also...take care...great idea on the water transport...

  3. We visited the LTVA Hot Springs with a group. The problem we saw was that if you're not there early, it appeared difficult to find a place to park it's so popular. However, we loved the hot springs so maybe next year we'll give it a try.

    So, where did you find the 40 gal tank for the top of your vehicle?? We need that. What a great idea to load it on top? We're on our way to "Q" and could certainly make use of extra water.

  4. Finally i found your comment. I have to apologize profusely for not having answered it earlier. The water bladder can be purchased in most RV-stores. We purchased it from a friend. The price for a 45gal one is around 100 Dollars.


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