Thursday, November 3, 2011

Between Akron OH and Columbus, OH

Pennsylvania is a long stretch, but finally we made it through the state and ended up some where between Akron and Columbus. Sure, it was just 15 minutes past 3pm but starting out at 7am we had our fair share of road excitement. Passing through Akron meant a lot of traffic and I have pointed out earlier, big city drivers are a special lot, mostly they have been in such a hurry that they have left their brains at home.

Bridge over the Susquehanna
What I am really astonished about is the way people are trying to merge into Interstate traffic. There are f.ex. certain ladies which do not know whether they should accelerate or brake down. The result is often something in the middle, making sure they turn into a traffic obstruction. 

When I see someone coming onto the Interstate from the right I usually move over, letting them come on. However, when I have a 70ft. semi beside me or some Lamborghini or a fast Beemer is coming from behind, I can't move over, can I? So then I have to hit the brakes or accelerate like mad. Neither is any fun, but I kinda try to avoid squeezing them to the guard rail. 
Contrary to that the open highway is very relaxing as we are going at 60-65mph eating mile after mile.

Another thing catching my attention today are the bridges. We must have passed a few hundred just today, and either there is a construction area on the bridge or the pavement is so bad that it won't take long until a construction crew will occupy it. Usually the speed limit is reduced to either 55mph or 45mph. Alas, nobody seem to care about that, except me, which means I am dragging a tail of many vehicles behind me.

We have seen lots of police cruisers today, most of them had been hunting those speedsters, dishing out a few juicy tickets. 

Clarion River
The weather has been good today, not too cold and not too warm. It seems we are out of the nightly frost, this morning was relatively mild, no scraping of windshields necessary.
Alleghany River at Emblenton

Boy, I am tired.....tzzzz  tzzzz 

have a go.... ni..t.

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  1. great pics and good job crossing PA today...whats the final destination? I'm still behind on the thyroid is ok? I hear you on the traffic merges..drives me nuts..and scares me almost to death during travel..had a guy merge in the carolinas in 2010...small sports in one hand...electric razor in the other..and phone crooked between shoulder and ear..driving with his knees...sure scared the heck outta me..

  2. You are making progress! Photo's are super! Ohio police LOVE to give speeding tickets!

  3. Jim and I are always amazed at how stupid people are when it comes to merging. We were talking about it yesterday when we couldn't get over and the person merging would not change their speed. We were headed up hill so we couldn't speed up and it was too late to slow down. Finally they woke up and hit their brakes. So every thing worked out.

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