Friday, November 11, 2011


Set-up in the desert
After a "Knock-out day" with a headache for me, we have finally come into order and are set up for the winter. Of course, "boondocking" means that we have to retain a certain mobility, as we have to organize our supplies ---- and our dumping needs. Water and propane needs to be hauled in and waste water needs to be dumped. We are moving our bus every two weeks over to the dump station 8miles away in Holtville, fill up with fresh water and return to the Hot Springs LTVA. After doing this every winter it is not a chore for me but rather represents some change over time. Of course we might also "take off" for a couple of days and go to Quartzsite for the big RV-show in January, or for wandering around in the world's biggest flea-market. Local flea-markets are also attracting a steady stream of visitors.
At this time we are only a handful of campers out here, but when december comes most of us have arrived and that means: It's Party Time. We are lucky enough that we have quite a few of local talents in the music department and for organizing get-togethers. I will write of that in time.

Friends of the road
Something I have been thinking about for quite some time is how fortunate we are, being able to make friends with so many fellow RV'ers along the road.

We have met in RV-parks, on private and public grounds and now even through Blogger. We value these friendships as much as we do value our family ties. In fact for many of us, returning to the same place every winter these RV-friendships have turned into family. 

I have heard it several times that meeting RV-friends feels like a home-coming, despite the fact that we often are thousands of miles away from our home.

Of course, mostly we share a common life style, we like to see new places, are open to meet our neighbors at the bonfire, and we generally switch to a simpler life style. Regardless whether our neighbour is rich or poor, whether he'she was/is a CEO or a worker at the assembly line, mutual acceptance of eachother and the vision of living a free and independent life made us meet as fellow RV'ers. We share the road and enjoy the great outdoors, admiring the grand scenery nature offers to us. 

We welcome "Jollie Ollie" as the 34th follower to American Traveler. Welcome aboard!

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  1. Rving and blog friends have become even more important to me than the friends we left behind because most of them understand why we live the way we do. The friends back in Montana have trouble grasping how we could give up a home and live like gypsies. So nice to have people around who know what it's all about.

  2. We visited the Hot Springs LTVA last year when we were in the BLM at Yuma. Loved it. You could have all the baths you wanted there. It would be difficult to give up the nomad lifestyle!

  3. Meeting so many friends is the one thing that I was most surprising about this lifestyle.

    You mentioned that you may be in Quartzsite for the RV show. I will also be there myself so we should try to get together.

  4. wow nice to see you all set up..I"m late catching up on blogs...I think blog friends become like exciting when you meet up with them...have a blast wish we were there too..


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