Thursday, November 17, 2011

During rush hour
Are you of those who are experiencing problems with a slowed-down internet connection at times? Then you have most likely been underways on your computer during rush hour.

Internet Rush Hour!!

Broadband download speeds in the UK drop by an average of 35% during the evening internet "rush-hour" as millions of technology-users flock online, according to new research. The study, which analysed data from two million broadband speed tests across Britain, revealed a massive fluctuation in surfing speeds during peak and off-peak times. Those who navigate the web during the the morning hours of 2am and 3am experience the quickest download times, with a fastest average download speed of 9.6Mb/s, analysts found.
While those who surf the web between 7-9pm - the peak period when most people go online - faced the slowest times, with average speeds dropping by a third to 6.2Mb/s.

We have often been wondering about our "broadband-connection" at home and why it all of a sudden seemed way too slow. Now we have also noticed a change in Internet speed on our little Verizon MIFI 2200. Last year we could operate both our laptops on it with no problems at all. This year we are lucky if one of the laptops is working at a normal speed.

So maybe the increase of users has to take the blame. Afterall there are not only laptops and desktops out there but millions of I-phones, Smartphones and other gadgets using the internet.

Are we slowly approaching the limits of our high-tech communications? I really wonder.

The full article can be read here

Here, in the Hot-Springs nothing of major importance
has been happening. A couple of new campers are trickling in every day, that's about all what's going on here. Weather was on the favourable side all day, we did some reading, and mostly just been hanging out.
At the Picacho State Park with Molly and Boomer 2006

So I guess I won't bore you or keep you around here any longer. Soon it is a weekend again and if you are still with the working part of the population, I hope you will enjoy that weekend. For all the RV'ers out there I'd say: Stay between the ditches and enjoy your great life-style.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Here in AJ (with a million snowbirds) I get a pretty good connection in the morning but by mid=day it is gone and a lot of times I can't connect at all. And Phoenix is a 4G area. So I shut it down and try again later. Very frustrating.

  2. Yesterday, we had problems with our MIFI 2200. At first it was slow, very slow. Then Last night we could not get anything. I called Verizon and was told that all of the 4G had crashed Wednesday and then the 3G crashed yesterday. These separate crashes and slow-downs were separate and nationwide. I was asked to give it till midnight, then try again. This morning, I am up and running and the speed is lightning fast. Verizon did a great job fixing this problem and with their communication with us.


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