Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This is NUTS!!!
After spending a long day on the road and "enjoying" the significant traffic of the American East Coast we ended up a place between the cities of Scranton,PA and Wilkes-Barre, PA. Like every afternoon we were looking for a convenient place to park for the night. Bea was scrounging "The Next Exit" and our GPS, but such places seemed a rare commodity. Sudenly we saw the known sign of a PILOT TRUCK STOP. I made the turn off the I-81, came around and ended up at the entry to Scranton Airport. Ouch!  A big semi had done the same mistake and blocked a lot of the road. However, behind the semi was a little space and a turn-off to a private company parking.  We just squeezed through and I managed to turn and get back to the I-81. A few miles farther down the road we actually saw the sign of the PILOT TRUCK STOP again and turned off again. One glance over from the road showed that the place was packed to the brim. But big SURPRISE, across from there was a huge new WALMART. Trouble was, the lower end of the parking lot seemed occupied with TRUCKS.
Walmart Truck-stop
That's right, the truckers had moved over to WALMART. And at this hour more of them are coming!!
But we were lucky, as one guy was just leaving and I was able to back in to his spot. So here we are at Walmart Camping.
Paved parking, Night Security w. lights and restrooms in the shopping center, though we never use them. And instead of paying camping fees we top up our fridge at....WALMART.
Bridge over Hudson River

The mighty Hudson River
Hanne speaks Norwegian
Who?  I am talking about Hanne, our Norwegian GPS-Girl. Yep, we have set the language to Norwegian as we really like her soft-spoken road advice. The American girl speaks like a military commander and the German colleague speaks like a teacher to some idiots. So we chose Hanne. The real "Hanne" was a colleague of Bea in the days when she was a travel agent in Lillehammer,Norway.
Today's route was leading from Maine, via New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York State into Pennsylvania.
Most of the time we were driving through seemingly endless woods. Where is all the agriculture? Anyway, we have left the worst of the traffic behind and will be heading through Pennsylvania tomorrow.
Bridge at Portsmouth/NH

East Coast Traffic 
Enjoy your evening and see you tomorrow right here.


  1. Exciting day! I hate when I feel trapped in a tight space:( safe travels:)

  2. Your making miles Peter soon be feeling those warm breezes. Do you ever take 209 south from Metamoras down to Stroudsburg? Wishing we were behind you but hopefully will be soon.


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