Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 20

Can you spell A-P-P-L-E?
Today I went into our "Jungle" to look after those blackberries when I discovered an apple tree which was almost completely hidden behind other trees and overgrown with all kind of bushes and weeds. What really caught my attention was those bright red apples hanging up there. And they were big, so this could not just be any wild apple-tree growing here. However, I could hardly get near that tree. So I went back and got a saw and a bush cutter. This way I was able to get to the main stem of that apple tree. As I picked one of these delicacies and ate of it I started to look around  whether EVE was lurking in the bushes, and realized that I had found a real treasure. 
Not only were there no worm holes in them, but they were juicy and very tasty. I picked a bunch into a shopping bag and showed them to Bea in the kitchen. Bea got about as excited as I was and started to research what sort of apples we actually had on the property. For that she picked from 4 different trees and cut them open. 

But I think the only one we are kind of sure about is the big red one. It looks like a Mc.Intosh-apple, but could be a Baldwin-apple as well.

Whatever it is, we are looking at a downright phenomenal apple harvest. And that at the same time when blackberry vines are giving us an enormous crop. Guess we won't be buying jelly for a while.


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