Friday, September 9, 2011

Today we welcome Bob from the Caretakers Chronicles as a new follower. Welcome to the jouney. And I understand that you live in Europe, kind of left Canada for a while. We did the opposite and chose Canada for the rest of our lifes. Canada has always been my dream country all the way from when I was 15yrs. old. Took me exactly 35 years to get here. I have never been in Vienna, but my wife has. Yep, she had a dance at the HOFBURG. Of course it was a Wiener Walzer. And would you believe it, she STILL talks about that. 

Today was another work day on the big renovation. Since we are expecting several days with dry sunny weather I took on the upper deck. Since I made a mistake when I installed the floor without enough slope that water could run off, I had to install a 2. floor above it. When that was done I had to put new flashings in place and finally apply the first of three coats of deck sealant. Hurrah, now we soon can sit on the upper deck and see a lot more of the Passamaquoddy Bay.

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  1. You're making good progress on the renovation. The rewards are going to be so worth it.


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