Friday, September 23, 2011

Germany: Test drive ended in disaster  

A test drive at an auto dealership in the town of Apolda in the German State of Thueringen recently resultet in a total damage of 103.000 Euros.  A 77-year-old woman had just started out from the dealership, when she hit a parked car at the curbside. Terrified, she abruptly turned the wheel, thus loosing control over the car and shot back across the curb, went through a hedge and back onto the lot of the dealership, where she raced through a sales stand, rammed three other cars and finally broke through the show windows on the opposite side, finally ending her disastrous test drive by ramming her vehicle head first into the tail of another car parked behind the building.

The only positive which can be said is that nobody got hurt


  1. Good bet she might have trouble hanging onto her driver's license.

  2. I was going to say the same thing! Plus, she can kiss her insurance coverage goodbye! Karen

  3. She probably bought that care and quite a few others. This lady does not need to drive!


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