Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 27

A Regular Day
Today's errands included a short trip to Customs and meet the lumber truck for a small delivery of deckblocks. They are intended to function as a simple foundation for a shed. The shed will actually be an add-on to the garage. I plan to build it mostly out of recycled materials. But I have to see how far I get with that. I already know that I will need roofing materials and some OSB and plywood. 
After the delivery was made, I jumped in the car and was off to St.Stephen to pick up the repaired slide-out canopy at the uholstery. 
Lightning over Ethel Lake,Alberta
It was a beautiful drive in an outstanding weather. The U.S.-Hwy 1 is kind of snaking along the St.Croix River which also is the border between the U.S. and Canada. With the beginning fall colors and the deep-blue water I got a feeling of being on a vacation tour. When coming back I stopped at Walmart in Calais to get a few things.
Moraine Lake, Alberta
Back at home I mounted the canopy back on the slide-out, and it actually seemed to fit, though I suspect they have cut off 2 inch from the width, but it still works out. Hope it will hang on for another few years.

A neighbour is actually looking for a new FORD truck. So maybe he is interested in buying ours. Time will tell.

And I guess that's all for today. Thanks for visiting here and see you tomorrow.


  1. That picture of the lake is truly incredible.

  2. Morriane Lake photo is beautiful. We picked up your blog from The Bayfield Bunch blog and are enjoying "catching" up with you. Have a curiosity question--would you mind sharing your reasons and thoughts on immigrating to Canada? Mike and I frequently say when the news in the US is particularly bad, "we're just going to Canada." Just spent three weeks in BC, Alberta and visiting John and Brenda.

  3. Love your picture of Lake Morriane. My husband is a Canadian from Alberta and became a naturalized citizen of the US a few years back. We too, hope to get out on the open road and feel the wind at our backs. Love your pictures and stories.

  4. To Janna and Mike: Thanks for you comment! Re. our immigration to Canada you might want to read this post: http://american-traveler.blogspot.com/search/label/Canada

    I'd be glad to elaborate further. Just fire your questions. But there is a big difference between emigrating from Europe or from the USA, as culture and customs are widely different in Europe, while Canada and the U.S. are more of the same.


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