Monday, September 26, 2011

September 26

The Darker Side of Life
Years ago I had a business partner. We got to be friends but after our immigration to Canada he was on his own. His business went bad and down and he lost just about everything except his family. From time to time I have called him. Last time he told me they were living in a rental place, a small apartment in town. His wife was ill of cancer and he himself had been suffering from diabetes. The State wouldn't pay out his pension as he hadn't reached the age yet. They were living a sad and miserable life. 
Alberta Sunrise
Today I called again. After many rings he answered the telephone. We spoke about how it was going, what they were doing. It turned out that his wife was still battling the cancer. He himself was going to a hospital on friday for he had been diagnosed with a blood-clot behind his eye. Because of the increased eye pressure he could not see much. Both cannot drive a car anymore so they have to rely on public transport. 

It was all sad news. He still had his humour, at least on the phone. How it is really looking I don't know.

But it made me think about how very vulnerable a good life can be. How fast can everything make a turn to the bad. 
We must be thankful for what we have, and for the good things in life we once enjoyed. It is just not sure we will have it tomorrow.

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  1. I am so sorry about your friend. But your last paragraph definitely sums up life very well.


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