Sunday, September 25, 2011

September 25

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We and the weather
As humans we are never too bored to talk about the weather. Weather is what we are seemingly concerned about every day. We talk about weather to our family, our friends, neighbours, work-buddies and especially to strangers.

Weather talk is non-political, never embarrassing to anybody and therefor safe to talk about. Also it is a welcome opportunity to bash about the weather men (and women) and rant about it when the forecast proved to be wrong. If you have any doubt about this, just check the blogs. There is hardly any every-day blogger who hasn't rambled on about the weather. 

The all over-shadowing question is whether there ever is a perfect weather. One day it's way too windy, the next too calm and muggy, it is too cold or the record-breaking heat is unbearable. A terrible fog caused a couple of accidents and on a cold winter morning cars are piling up in the ditches along the Interstate. I'm sure there can be too much rain and when the snow is piling high in northern latitudes we RV'ers call home to tell them how cozy warm it is in our winter resort in the South.
We kinda have to rub it in well for them up north.

It is understandable that we talk about things like the weather to strangers, as we do not know the person's favorite topics or interests, so we quite rightly assume that weather is something everyboy has an opinion about.

But what about your family? You know them quite well but yet you don't talk to them about things you know they want to hear about. When I call mother I know we will come in on the weather. You'll find it in the emails as well. 

The high priority of weather talk is also mirrored on TV and Internet. Weather Channels seem to grow up like mushrooms. And the Ladies and Gentlemen from the media who are presenting tomorrows weather to us seem  to have entered into a contest about who is the most elegant or sexy appearance on our screen.  Weather is way more than rain or sunshine. It has become entertainment for all it is worth. Without it our TV-evening would hardly be complete.  When a tornado has ripped apart a little town the first thing we want to see is the extent of the damage. When flooding occurs washing away bridges and roads, isn't it most gratifying to see it happen on the news? Weather is what we will talk about the next day. 

Global weather changes are attributed to our senseless use of fossil fuels, and has long since become a milk cow for governments who bolster their hap-and hopeless budgets with a CO2-tax, never spending a thought about that the extra funds will never neither change the weather  nor change our use of fossil fuels.
Raccoon Beach at low tide
But I guess this is as far as I can get with my weather rant, otherwise we are getting political here and since I don't really know your political view I better keep to the weather and the weather only.

By the way, summer came back to Campobello Island for another great warm day. In fact it was so nice that the convertible got out of the garage and we toured to Raccoon Beach. Molly was riding in the back and enjoyed the great view around. 

Supposedly tomorrow will be another fine day, but then we have to run a few errands again, like  seeing the dentist and getting the slide-out canopy to the upholstery.

Have a great week and make sure you enjoy the weather. 


  1. hope you enjoy the weather too!..why do we talk about the weather all the time??

  2. As a full time RVer - the weather is really important for us to figure out where we're going next. And where we need to stay away from. And living in a tin box we notice the weather more than I ever did in a stix and bricks. Guess that's why we talk about the weather. Love the good days though.


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