Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 14

Driving her crazy?
She didn't say anything, but I know her. She thinks I am nuts. Should that bother me? IS it bothering me? Maybe a little bit. Of course it is because I was back in those thorny berry-vines. But I just can't stay away. It is inside me. Call me addicted, or nuts or crazy, but I am still gonna flood our kitchen with blackberries and apples, and if I have to cook them all by myself I am happy with that. Today I stayed out there for 90 minutes flat. We did in the last rest of the Røde Grøde today. But I want more.
Cotton at Palo Verde,CA

Weatherwise it was the opposite of yesterday. Weatherman had finally noticed the fog and put it on his forecast, but today it was mostly sunny! Understand that?
Cotton Harvester
I finally called the automotive outfit in Lubec to see whether they had fixed our auto-hauler trailer. They had, but never bothered to call me. So I slipped over and picked it up. The trailer had a defect wheel bearing. Luckily we had made it all the way from California to Bangor,ME. when we noticed the problem. We unloaded the car and drove the trailer home without a load. Bea simply followed with the Jeep.
California Sunset
When I am done with the shingeling I plan to throw myself upon the motorhome. Cleaning compartments, a thorough outside wash, oil change, brakes check a.s.o. The list goes on.All those chores are actually not a bother but done with the anticipation of another warm winter for us.

Taking a real close look
And I think that's it for today. There is always a day tomorrow!

Picking Pecans

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