Sunday, September 11, 2011


Whether they chose 9.11 as it also resembles the North American emergency call# or not, we will never know. Fact is, the day is remembered mostly all over the world, but especially here in North America. 
For Bea and me it has a special meaning as we were in Canada for the first time to check out an employment offer for Bea. On the morning of September 11 we were just out of our room at a B+B when the hostess walked into the TV-room and turned on the guest TV. And that was the way we were confronted with what turned out to be a fundamental change in just about everyone's life.

Having plans for immigration to Canada we really feared that this would start a big war or even already WAS the beginning of a war and that we never would be able to come to Canada for good. 

Today we remember all those 3000+ lifes being lost in this cowardly attack. 

Over here on the island it was another bright fall day with a strong southerly wind. We went to the Roosevelt Campobello International Park to see all those beautiful Dahlias, they have there every year. And let those pictures of colour and beauty speak to the remembrance of this special day.

Cabbage Garden

Roosevelt Cottage

Water front of "Hubbard"Cottage

View over Friar's Bay w. Friar's Head

"Hubbard" Cottage towards roadway

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