Friday, September 16, 2011

September 16

YAHOO...we did it!
The shingeling job on the gable is finished! We're done there and that ugly scaffold which had brought some comments from friends and neigbours can be removed permanently tomorrow. We also put a self-made vent frame 
into the attic. Took me a few hours to fix that baby.
Oh, and at 7.15am the lumber guy called and announced the arrival of our windows at the border at 8am EDST. 
So the timing was just perfect as I can go on with that work from tomorrow.
We had an incredible windy day today and with the North-West blowing right onto the scaffold it was a sweater+jacket day for sure. Bea assumed the wind originated from hurricane Marie which has hit the province of Newfoundland a bit harder this afternoon.

And it's only a few more days until summer is officially over and fall is over us. A sure sign of that are the many cobwebs you now can find outside. I came over a special one the other day. And I could even observe a spider weaving a cobweb, which I actually have never seen as a work in progress. 

Folks, I am truly tired after this day, so I quit for today and rather listen to Frank Sinatra and Co.

Have a wonderful weekend. I am probably back here tomorrow.

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  1. The house is really looking good. And that cobweb is amazing. You deserved a night off to listen to Sinatra.


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