Monday, September 12, 2011

A Quick Dash across
Our lumber yard had called a couple of days ago that a part I had ordered for my angle grinder had finally arrived. Since I also had to order an amount of pine boards and on top of that needed kitchen supplies I decided to make a quick dash to Machias, ME today.

Bea had planned a trip to the medical centre this morning so she would take the Jeep, leaving me the choice of the big truck or our LTD convertible. Because of the beautiful weather I couldn't resist the temptation to  take the LTD for a spinn. I had actually never taken the car farther than Lubec and I was curious how it would run when the engine got really warm over a longer distance. But it was still chilly at 9am so I kept the roof closed.

It was truly wonderful to ride the car through this coastal area. Deep blue waters, small boats everywhere, and most tourists were gone. When I passed a construction area the workers turned their heads after the passing car.
The big V8 "bubbled" along just fine.

After a stop at the lumber place I went on to the grocery market. I packed 3 cartons of organic whole milk (what's all that fat free stuff doing there anyway?) 3 yoghurts, a sour creme, a pair of pork chops and a bag of prunes and a pack of coffee filters. I am just on 14 items when i approach the express line at the cashier. I leave the store with four shopping bags and put everything into the big trunk. 
While the car was sitting in the parking lot it got very hot inside, so now is the time to roll back that roof. much nice air...let's go and hit the road. Passing a few gas stations I wonder about the gas prices. Raw oil is down somewhere in the upper eighties, about what it was a year earlier, but the price at the pump is about 1DOLLAR/gal. higher than last fall. These oil companies are taking advantage of us --- big time.
At Lubec I had to get another gallon of white house paint primer. Customs people are thinking we EAT that stuff.

I got home just in time for lunch and then I did some work on the house.
When early afternoon came to an end a peculiar and very enticing smell permeated from inside the house. Bea was in the kitchen - doing something very useful. She was baking a cake! 
An hour later I was enjoying German-style Prune Cake. What a feast! 
And you know what, there is more tomorrow!
Have a good one! 
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  1. great shopping trip...sure would have liked to have seen a pic of the whole car :)...great looking cake too...

  2. Cake looks wonderful. And you and the border guards must be the best of friends. A big V-8 purring along. Haven't done that in years.

  3. wow love the car Peter!!! thanks for posting a pic of the whole thing..I used to have a 56 studebaker champion!! And a 55 chev..


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