Saturday, September 24, 2011

September 24

A very quiet Saturday
It is clear that it is Saturday. Blog postings have come in much earlier than usual. Most people have more time on their hands on a day like this. Besides, over here it is REAL quiet. Fog all day, rain, and you literally see nobody on the road.
We are just hanging around. Picked up a few of those red apples when the rain stopped for a moment. Walked the dog too, having apple cake in the afternoon, listening to some quiet music, reading a few pages in a book, then dozing off to dream land.

Molly sure thinks it's boring.

Oh and I looked at our travel route. Found a shortcut from Amarillo,TX to Las Cruces,NM. Makes no sense to drive through Albuquerque then.

Must admit I'm getting kinda itchy. Happens every fall.
The other day I backed up the motor home a bit so I could get to the slide awning on the driver's side. That canopy needed to be taken off and resown. The old tread is giving in. Had to look up instructions for replacement of Carefree Colorado's Canopy. Had to take the end caps and the deflector off. Then, most importantly, is the insertion of a cotter pin to stop the spring from unravelling with a heck of a force. Of course I had no cotter pin, so I found a long-enough nail and poked it through the hole. Worked great. Next step is loosening the pivot bolt on the left side a bit so the roll can rotate freely. Now I rolled off the fabric. Then I removed the pivot bolt on the other (right) side. Now I could lift up the roll and slide the fabric out on both sides. (coach side and roll) When I had it all out I put the roll back behind the bracket and replaced the pivot on the right side.

When resewing the fabric it is important to use a weather resistant tread. Otherwise you'd do it all again next year.
We will get the fabric to an upholsterer on Monday.

But first we have to get through sunday. It is supposed to get to 25C (77F) over here, and it's my guess that it will go together with a lot of humidity. That will make it a no-work-day for sure.

Have great Saturday night!

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