Thursday, September 8, 2011

September 8

News from the West
I like to keep up with old friends, contacts and former neighbours. We exchange some chit chat, talk about the weather some 4000kms away, or one or the other political hotsheet going on.
So I just got off the phone with a good friend in Alberta. She is a person who you might call a true environmentalist. She is highly intelligent, in fact too intelligent that local society can accept that. And what society is that, having a problem with an outspoken person like her? It is a society which is entirely focused on making money, on owning the newest, the best and of course the most expensive house, car or boat. And there would be nothing wrong with that IF it could happen without destroying the land, wildlife habitats  - mother nature at large. What I am talking about is the respectless exploitation of Alberta's oil resources.

My friend lives outside of town on a peaceful 10acre parcel of land. She lives without grid-power has solar panels on her roof, produces most of what is used of food in a kitchen herself, and was looking forward to stay on this land until she would be too old to do her chores.

I have visited her quite often. Her garden is a paradise of fertil black dirt, whatever she plants there will grow. Her little Dexter Cows give her meat and her chickens likewise plus lots of eggs. She could be the most happy person on earth, if it wouldn't be for her neighbour. A major Canadian Oil Company has acquired an oil lease on a huge field across from her little paradise. While you and I had a peaceful Labour Day Weekend my friend was enduring the nonstop noise and diesel smell from drilling rigs penetrating Alberta soil on their hungry search for oil. And when they have found what they are looking for, they will come and install big black oiltanks. 24 of them are in the planning on a 1/4section of land. Everyone of them will stink up and pollute the air with petroleum fumes. Then there will be an endless stream of oil tankers coming in sucking up all the black gold of Alberta. They will bring more noise and more diesel smell. They will come early on a Sunday morning or on a quiet saturday evening they will even come Christmas Eve and during Easter holidays. And you know what? There is NOTHING she can do about it. Oh well, she tried, she tried very hard, but when local governments are in the pockets of BIG OIL every fight against will be a lost fight.

My friend is looking at maybe another 20 years to live where she is now. That is 20 years with unbearable air quality. And unlike many Canadians who have chosen to live in the city with Canada's worst air quality, Fort Mc.Murray, to make a fortune, my friend doesn't get a dime for all her trouble. What she gets is lots of stress and an everlasting fight against a giant. 

I feel so sorry for her!
(no pics today folks)

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  1. what a crying shame...:( I definitely feel sorry for her...


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