Friday, September 30, 2011

September 30

Done with another month

Tomorrow is the beginning of what many RV'ers have been looking forward to, it's October, the month of departure to the South. Let's just hope that everybody will be able to make it, after all for many RV'ers it is one heck of a long distance to drive. We just got word that two of our friends who are actually camp hosts, have been stranded with broken transmissions on their motor homes.  We have experienced the same on our truck back in 2005, and that was our very first snow-bird winter. 

A tranny repair or replacement can easily break a travel budget and ruin the pleasure of RVing.

Had a busy day
I did mention our shed-building project yesterday. Today's weather was very accommodating for continuing the work and with the outlook on several days of rain, I decided to hurry up as I sure wanted to save the plywood floor from getting too wet. So before I even started on the end walls, I put on the roof. At 5pm I had all the rafters and the OSB sheeting in place. With another hour to go until supper, I rolled out the underlayment and nailed it down. Put up the flashing on the upper end as well. Meanwhile Bea had done all the clean-up on the ground and put the electric hand tools back in the garage.

With only 2 breaks for lunch and coffee I feel thoroughly tired and played out. A nice hot soak in the tub was necessary and got me restored so I could find a few thoughts to write about after a delicious roast beef supper. 

Got a haircut from Bea as well. Started to look a lot like Santa, you know. When all the hairdots started falling from my head I picked up a dot which had nestled in a shirt fold. It was mostly white with some grey strands. I used to have dark hair - when there still was most of the hair in place. 
Today there ain't. But let's put it the way my cousin in Norway used to say: A nice face needs a lot of room. 

Thanks for stoppin' by!

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  1. What's really sad is when your cousin's saying applies to a woman like me. lol


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