Sunday, September 4, 2011

September 04

Quiet Sunday
Sunday ran up with clear skies and a clear feeling that I did not want to start a another major part of our renovation. So, after puttering around in the house I went into the blackberry patch. Yesterday I had cleared the path with our weed-whacker so I was sure I could make it through today. 

Wrapped myself into mosquito repellent, an old jacket and one thick work glove for the left hand and off I went. After the last days the harvest seemed promising. Molly was with me all the way and apparantly she had a great time, while I was trying to uncover the hidden treasures  by moving aside rather thorny brambles. It didn't take long at all until the main war force, allies of the blackberries, the mosquitoes had discovered me. At first I felt safe, cause I had smeared repellent over all the exposed body parts. But the sun had come out and I was getting hot inside my jacket. The result was I began sweating profusely. That is an open invite for hordes of mosquitoes to start their air attacks in organized formations. My ears were attacked by Kamikaze-style mosquito planes, I heard their high-pitched ssssssssssssss and my right hand was flailing up in the air to chase them away, but you know it is a hopeless fight. Finally I gave up and returned with my harvest to the house.

In order not to annoy any neighbors with screaming electric saws I went and fetched the paint brush and the white house paint. I painted until about 3:30pm then quit for coffee. We have basically painted the entire porch except the part of the wall where still old red paint needs to be scraped off.

But that is for another day.


  1. Ouch, I do not think we will add blackberry picking to our list of things to do:) As luck would have it we were picking blueberries in Bar Harbor today. Luckily, no attacks.

  2. love the yellow and white...very heritage for the blackberries I'd rather pick fly poop out of pepper..we have many on our property (black berries that is)...but after my last picking experience I'd rather buy my jellies at the market...


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