Thursday, November 8, 2012

You probably heard about it. The North East receives another beating, this time from Athena and it’s not warm rain, but ice cold sleet and even snow descending on us. For Campobello Athena brought a lot more wind than her southern sister Sandie ever did.

I got out with Molly and drove along the shoreline of the Bay of Fundy. Here’s what I saw:

1-DSC_0211 1-DSC_02491-DSC_0218 1-DSC_0225 1-DSC_0231 1-DSC_0234 1-DSC_0237
And we decided to get out of here a day earlier. It’s just too much winter for me.
Thanks for coming over!




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  1. Gorgeous photos but there has definitely been too much bad weather in that area.


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