Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gettin’ Over It

Thank you all well-wishers! Seems it helped a lot. At least we had a somewhat quiet night, and I say WE as it sure affects both of us when one is coughing all night. Tanked with antibiotics, cough medicine and Chamomile steam  I kind of got over the hill with my usual optimistic being back today.
1-DSC_0585We have been experiencing problems with getting the desired solar panels from Phoenix as they are temporarily sold out for the low-voltage panels they usually have in stock. Got my name on a list, so I hope for a call when those panels will be available again.
Meanwhile a neighbour offered to lend a single panel until we can get ourselves fixed up with solar equipment. Boondocking is not nice without having access to home-made power.

And here are a few pics of camp taken today by Bea.
  1-DSC_0609   1-DSC_0631


Thank you for stopping by and keep the fingers crossed!


  1. That's good news. Nice to see you're turning the corner and starting to feel better.

    A minor thing:

    It's "lend", not borrow. I realise it's the same root word in the Germanic languages, but for some bizarre reason, English makes a distinction. I hear many Dutch, German, Danish (etc.) speakers making this minor slip when wishing to convey the notion of lending or borrowing.
    Example: (in German, 'cause that's the only one I can give) "Mein Bruder hat mir das Fahrrad geborgt". Impossible to translate literally. "My brother lent me the bike." and not, "My brother borrowed me the bike."

    Please forgive my nit-picking.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out to me. Though I knew that there was a difference, I still make that mistake from time to time.

  2. glad to see your feeling better...!!! now don't over do it until your 100%

  3. Happy, happy, happy to hear that you are finally feeling better. And Elaine is right - do not over do it. Hope you feel up to visiting with Toni and Doug this week-end. Can hardly wait to see you guys again.

  4. Positive thoughts flying your way that you are going to be totally over that awful cold once and for all !


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