Saturday, November 3, 2012

More Packing And The Sun Was Shining

After some overcast early morning the sky cleared and Campobello was graced with an outstanding sunny day. So we got active outside. I finally figured out a way to integrate a simple little table into our “camping van”.
Is this a Class B now or what is it?

1-DSC_0153 Bea took all drawers from the van and “designed” how to fill them without loosing overview over what was where. Time will tell whether that’s gonna work. Anyway, it’s only 3 days of travel to Iowa where we will move everything over into our new trailer. By the way, if you’d like to visit this   company’s webpage goto:


It’s a huge outfit and I am more than happy to say that we have a great and fast communication with the company. Today I asked whether they could install a rear ladder as most RV’s don’t have them anymore. They responded with offering a no-cost installation if we would be happy with a ladder which had a little dent from shipping. Of course, I accepted and we’re sure looking forward to see our new house on wheels. As an explanation for trailers not having ladders anymore they wrote that ladders are a nuisance for kids and drunks! Go figure…

1-DSC_0154 1-DSC_0160

Molly and I had us a a little beach walk. Even though the sea was calm, there was still a certain surf. The recent storm had washed a lot of stuff onto the beach and it is always especially exciting to see what can be found. Today I ended up with a plastic fish container as they use them on fishing vessels w. no damage at all and a pretty big buoy-fender which probably has been ripped off a boat. How I got that stuff home? I put the buoy into the box, found myself a rope and pulled it sled-style along the beach and back to the car. Can’t let that stuff go back to the sea, can I?
You guys have a great Sunday and thanks for stopping by!


  1. your getting will all come together ...can't wait to see pics of the new your handy work in the van good safe...

  2. The time is rapidly approaching for you guys to head south. So exciting to be getting a new beautiful rig.


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