Friday, November 9, 2012

Ready To Go

It was still storming and the sky was filled with dark grey clouds, when we took the van and drove around the bay to Eastport, where we picked up our U-Haul trailer. As always the paper work was mindboggling and took most of the time.
Coming from Europe where bureaucracy really has become a problem I am amazed that North America is doing everything to win the competition on who can spend most time filling out most papers.
We also stopped for a few groceries along the way before getting back to the island.
Right after lunch we started filling up the van and the trailer. All the drawers were “pre-filled” and just needed to be put in place. While Bea did that I worked the trailer. What had been in our motor home earlier went now into the trailer, for later to be moved into the travel trailer. Hopefully, it will prove big enough for everything.

The storm did not let up and we were trying to limit our outside activities to short moments.

Anyway we got it done, and all that is left is shutting down the house. Neighbours will have a close eye on the property while we are gone.

See ya down the road!


  1. My Goodness! How Organized you two are... Safe Travels and many happy adventures!

  2. Sure hope you don't run into some really lousy weather. Be safe and happy travels.

    1. Bah.. you know we have a cozy van to stay in. Just wait it out as we always did.

  3. The inside of the van sure looks good. I'm sure you can't wait to join us in beautiful Arizona !

  4. What a nice looking setup. I can hardly wait to read your blog after you pick up your new winter home.

  5. watch the weather and safe travels....bout time you got outta dodge :)


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